WoW: Hunter Guide Update

Hunting the Hunter Guide
Hunting the Hunter Guide

With several changes affecting the Hunter class with the latest patch, it was time for an update. In this update Byron "Messiah" Mudry looks at scare beast, PvP combat, Hunter skills and talents and much more. No matter what type of Hunter you play the guide has something for you.

Lastly, you can only shoot at opponents in front of you, so you need to learn the jump shot ability. A jump shot is usually done with an arcane shot, and is basically a fast mouse flick and key press. What you do is run from the enemy (using mouse movement) and then jump in the air. While in the air you flick the mouse to the side so that you are facing backwards, then press the button on your keyboard you have mapped for your arcane shot. Once you shot you flick the mouse back so you are still running away from your opponent when you land. It can be difficult to learn but is a critical PvP ability. Whenever concussive shot is off cooldown, it is also a great shot to use for a jump shot.

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