Exclusive Secret of the Solstice First Impressions Review

It's a Xen Experience
It's a Xen Experience

As the free to play gaming market continues to grow, the Ten Ton Hammer staff continues to review the games that have hit players' hard drives. One of the more recent additions to this list is Secret of the Solstice, a top-down MMORPG that features cartoony graphics and a fairly intuitive gameplay experience. But is it fun? Ten Ton Hammer's Ty "Ram" Meixsell jumps into the fray with his first review and his initial impressions of Secret of the Solstice!

The world of Xen is alive with vibrant colorful animations, but as I played I felt about 20 years younger than I actually was. In general, I had a nice warm and fuzzy feeling as I roamed about in the third person view. The graphics feature sprite-based characters viewed in an isometric format and feel suited towards teens or pre-teen players. During combat, damage numbers are splashed and scrolled making them easy to see and read, while the spell animations are bright, colorful and enjoyable to watch.

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