Blind Race Returns Saturday, June 28

It's back!

It's back! The Blind Race Event will be hosted once again on the Pegasus server of Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa. "The Blind Race is a fun honor system event where teams will consist of two players, a racer and coach. The racer must turn off their monitor and be lead by the coach using either ventrilo or in game voice system." The race paths through 3 zones, from Alia Das in Wilderness to Hightower Outpost in Palisades. If the last event is any indication, this time around should prove to be a lot of fun and laughs.

Date = 6/28/2008 (Saturday)
Time = 7 PM Pacific, 8 PM Mountain, 9 PM Central, 10 PM Eastern Server = Pegasus
Start = Wilderness #4, Ali Das, Next to waypoint
Host = Andriss (will be declaring start of race, so pay attention to /yell chat)
Estimated Length = A little over 1 hour

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