Exclusive Beyond Protocol Interview - Persistence, Unit Caps, and More

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Unlike MMORPGs, the massively multiplayer online real-time strategy genre has yet to really take off. With only a few entrants in the marketplace, Dark Sky Entertainment is looking to make a real splash with Beyond Protocol, their first entry into the MMORTS marketplace. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer’s Cody “Micajah” Bye had a chat with the voice behind the MMOG development studio, DSE’s Diplomat. All of the answers are long and in-depth, so make sure you keep reading!

Ten Ton Hammer: What will MMOG players find familiar in Beyond Protocol? Will they be able to advance their characters or civilizations? Can they find loot and upgrade their units with it? Will there be raids, guilds, and PvP?

Diplomat: I may have touched on some of this already, but I’ll take this opportunity to respond in more depth. In Beyond Protocol, a player’s main representation is the civilization they create. This civilization is based off of the cities, fleets, agencies, departments and technologies under its control. Each of these can be advanced in many different ways. Cities or colonies can be shaped to function as research bases, war factories, trade hubs, cash cows, and sprawling capitols. Each building is a customizable entity, so the city can be renovated to fulfill its purpose better over time. Available technology will greatly influence how this is done.
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