Thones of Chaos: Exculsive Interview and Screenshots

Posted Tue, Aug 08, 2006 by LadySirse

Chaos Theory - Colton Burgess and Loud Ant Studios Introduce Thrones of Chaos

Copycats are a dime a dozen in the MMORPG niche of the gaming industry. So are promises. But when a developer touts features like familial structures and aging, doesn't pussyfoot around the PvP issue and tells us the game is meant to be a no-holds-barred, guild-up-or-die bloodbath, and tosses in an active trade system between cities that guilds can use or subvert, we take notice. Whether all this will resonate in the unapologetically carebear-ish fantasy MMO camp, time will tell, but if Thrones of Chaos can deliver, we might have a darkhorse candidate challenging Age of Conan for the badassinest MMO title set to be released in 2007.

We talk to Colton Burgess, owner of Loud Ant Studios, about his vision for Thrones of Chaos. Check out the exclusive screenshots graciously provided by Loud Ant Studios as well.

"However, yes, each race has their own multiple finishing moves associated with combat that can be performed once you have defeated your opponent and these animations are being made with a more violent feel to them. If you are going to have a hardcore pvp themed world than the combat should also be supported with equally well-made and violent combat visuals. [Thrones of Chaos] simply is what it is... a hardcore , unrestricted pvp world focused on warring clans and guilds. Some will love it because of that and some will hate it. ;)"

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Colton Burgess Chats About the Game had a chance recently to talk to Colton Burgess, the Producer of Thrones of Chaos. Tell us something about the four races, I mean the differences in their basic stat. And does each race have its special skills?

A: Each race is unique in there geographical location. The dwarves and orcs are the strongest of the race, while elves are the smartest per say. Humans are just all around brilliant.

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Tue, Oct 31, 2006

Adam McCall, Assistant Project Lead, Chats with Stratics

Stratics has posted the interview they did with Adam McCall. Get reading to see what they were able to learn about Thones of Chaos.

Many MMORPG's have been moving towards more violence, and more player versus player action. Thrones of Chaos (ToC) is the epitome of both aggression and freedom with it's hefty PvP and skill based system. Adam McCall who is the Assistant Project Lead working on Thrones of Chaos, was kind enough to answer some questions for us. They've also provided some pre-beta high-resolution screenshots for us to take in.

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Tue, Oct 31, 2006
LadySirse is convinced Thrones of Chaos deserves a clean slate, find out why has posted an interview and an announcement that they are adding Thrones of Chaos to their of games they will cover.

Before returning it to the list, we spoke to Loud Ant CEO Colton Burgress, the CEO of Nuanced Entertainment Adam McCall and the original Producer of Mourning Andrei Gireada. The game's original owner refused to be interviewed for this piece. The three men clarified their roles, some of the history and confirmed that the project had indeed completely changed hands.

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Mon, Oct 09, 2006

Colton Burgess Chats with has posted an interview with Colton Burgess, producer of Loud Ant's upcoming Thrones of Chaos.

Thrones of Chaos is a new MMOG title being brought to life by Loud Ant Software LLC. Thrones of Chaos?s impending release will bring with it a world heavily focused on guilds and player vs player interaction! A family tree system that rewards long and prosperous lineages! And an opened ended and flexible skill system!

MMOsite Shine had a chat with Colton Burgess, the game's producer, to see how this game is now.

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Thu, Sep 14, 2006

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