BioWare Announces HeroEngine for SW:TOR

Updated Tue, Dec 30, 2008 by Medeor

Finally some real game development news about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

After yesterday's mayhem following EA's earnings call, it's nice to talk about the game itself. BioWare has announced that they will be using Simutronics' HeroEngine for developing the virtual world for Star Wars: The Old Republic. If the HeroEngine is sparking some memory in the back of your brain, then you are probably recalling that this is the same engine being used to develop Gatheryn. Or maybe you have a great memory and recall back in November of 2007, yes 2007, when Boomjack wrote of BioWare being acquired by EA:

"It was March 13 of 2006 when BioWare made an announcement that rattled the MMORPG industry. They were creating a MMOG. The announcement came three months after development had started. So it was that in December of 2005 BioWare fans had another reason to love their hobby. By November of 2006 the team had announced that it was using the Simultronics HeroEngine and that the game design document was complete."

Today's announcement shouldn't be a huge surprise, this has been a match making event that took two years. Of course they couldn't announce it before the game had a name and after EA's stock dropped 14% [Kotaku] today, they were probably looking to post some good news or at least news that didn't sting.


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