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You Can't Keep a Dead Horse Down

August 25th, 2008 - By Dalmarus

With Fan Faire 2008 coming to an end a week ago, community members are getting back into the swing of things and are ready to turn their full attention back to the excitement of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Even though it's been a week now, with all the information we've pumped out for the community, it still feels like I need a week or two to recuperate. Despite all this, I can't wait to go back to Fan Faire next year and have already started a separate savings account, just for the occasion. Yes, I really am that much of a geek.

With all the information that came from that event imagine my surprise while wandering the forums this past week to find a dead horse I'd finally thought buried for good rear its ugly head again. The hardcore server seems to be one of those ideas that just won't die. In a way, it really is a shame, because despite the fact I think this corpse should have shriveled to dust by now, I'm actually one of its supporters. It's not that I think the game should be made to play this way, but I'm all for having it as another option for individuals. If the statements I made are true, then how can I be complaining about some necromancer digging this dried husk up?

The fact is that while a number of people support this idea (including a number of developers for the Vanguard team), it has been decided it is simply not a viable option from a business perspective at this time. That's it. It has nothing to do with lack of support, it doesn't mean the development team hates all of us, and it doesn't mean that Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is the Devil. As much as we would love to pretend otherwise because of our passion for the game, it is just that - a game, and that game is a business. No matter how much passion we show for Vanguard, at the end of the day it is a business, and the team has to do what's best for it in that light.


Flying Over the Isle of Dawn

This doesn't mean we shouldn't keep the developers engaged with our hopes and concerns, or let our passion or faith slide. It does mean, however, that when an answer is given, especially when it's given repeatedly and in plain language, that we have to accept it for what it is. It may not be what we want, but nothing is going to change it.

Perhaps nothing is too strong of a word. There is a way to change it and get more resources for the things we'd like to see in the game. It's called "word of mouth". The Isle of Dawn is being run through the paces of the Test server, and it's looking great so far. Game mechanics are better explained for new players, the story line is interesting, and the adventure itself is just plain cool. Not to mention the increased performance and sweet loot you receive by completing all this, including some great looking cloaks. Look for some Armor Projects and Monster Projects highlighting the Isle of Dawn this week.

With the upcoming trial nearing completion, start getting the word out, even more than you have before. For those friends that have been holding off because they don't want to risk any money on the game, tell them the trial is almost here. The community has already been doing a great job at getting new players into the game, encouraging new players on the forums, and spreading the word that the Vanguard community is not only mature, but also friendly and helpful. Now's the time to kick that momentum into overdrive.


Storms on the Horizon?

Before I go, there is one piece of news from last week I want to highlight simply because of the uproar from the community when loot rights were removed for the 4th group in raids some time ago. I can't believe I haven't heard anything from the changes announced last week in regards to the future of raiding. Here's a quote from last week's Fan Faire 2008 Vanguard News: Part Two.

"All future raid content in Vanguard will be 24-man. So what, you say? Ancient Port Warehouse is already 24-man? Not quite. For a long time now, players have been complaining that even though you can bring 24 people into APW, only 18 can participate in each fight, and only those 18 that fight have access to any loot dropped by the target. Moving forward, you will need all 24 people for each big fight and every last one of them will have loot rights. While this won't solve any arguments over the current situation with APW, it's exciting news for everyone moving forward! No longer will loot be left to rot simply because it dropped for a class that wasn't in the battle."

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