How Can EVE Online Stay Ahead of Star Trek Online?

By Reuben Waters -
EVE Online has weathered the storm surrounding just about every major MMO launch over the past five years and come out the other side in much better shape than many of its contemporaries. While this could be attributed to any number of factors, having no direct competition in the sci-fi space race has certainly played a part. But what happens when you throw not only another sci-fi MMO with strong elements of tactical space combat into the mix, but one boldly going where the Star Trek IP has gone before?

In the latest episode of MMOs, the Final Frontier, Reuben “Sardu” Waters takes a closer look at how EVE can stay competitive in a sci-fi MMO space that’s on the verge of a major Star Trek invasion:

I firmly believe that developing content to attract new players is just as important as pumping out an endless stream of high-end challenges for an established player base if an MMO hopes to survive in an aggressively expanding market. If I look at Game X as it stands today and think it looks cool but not quite cool enough to purchase, why would I purchase it tomorrow when an expansion is released boasting, “More high-end raids! Faction grind until you’re blind! Endless Doodles of POW for hardcore Zippers! Oh, and for low level players we’ve added an awesome cardboard box that just kind of sits there on your shelf.”  

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