Exclusive Alganon Class Interview #1 - The Soldier

Updated Mon, Apr 06, 2009 by Cody Bye

Over the last few years, the implementation of time-based advancement has become more than just a novelty. The success of EVE Online has occurred, in no small part, thanks to their reliance on time-based skill training. Now the developers working on Alganon are going to take a crack at time-based advancement. Along with the interview we recently did with them a few weeks ago, Ten Ton Hammer has nabbed a number of exclusive class interviews, so sit back and enjoy our exclusive discussion with Lead Data Designer Hue Henry on Alganon's Soldier!

Ten Ton Hammer: Where does the Soldier fit into the lore of your game world? Do they represent little more than the armored troops in Alganon? Or are they something more?

Hue Henry: In the world of Alganon, the term Soldier is used for one who has trained to become an expert in physical combat. Anyone who is trained to be an expert in all of the weapons and armors of Alganon is technically a soldier. However, when you choose to be a soldier in Alganon, you are not just a common soldier. You are an Asheroth or a Kujix.

The Asheroth and Kujix are the chosen of the deities, born with powers well beyond those of the common people. While there may be powerful soldiers that are neither Asheroth or Kujix, there are none that can match your potential strength and prowess.

Ten Ton Hammer: In your official description of the Soldier, players only have two traits to choose from, while your other classes often have three. Are Soldiers just that powerful that they only need two traits?

Hue: Actually, there is an unspoken third trait that we decided didn't need to be mentioned explicitly. Soldiers are the only class available at launch that are capable of wearing heavy armor and using all of the available weapons. This provides them with opportunities to better customize their gear to match their chosen combat roles. This is a large enough advantage that we took it into account when balancing the classes, but didn't feel it necessary to point out in the descriptions.


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