Alganon recently switched to a subscription-free model. Making sure not to confuse the change with the free-to-play market, Quest Online noted that the game client will still need to be purchased, but the gaming after is free. Players who pre-paid for their subscription will be receiving a deal that will get them in-game credits to be used with the Tribute Market System.

Well we've worked out a special for you.  All Subscribers are being converted into Citizens and because we want to thank you for your show of support for Alganon, we have worked out a deal where what was paid will be converted to Alganon Tribute, a new in game currency system.  Pre-Paid quarterly players will get 839 Tribute, semi-annual will get 1,559 Tribute and annual will get 2,878 Tribute deposited into their accounts after the April launch.  We realize these numbers mean little without something to reference them against, so we will release more information on Tribute numbers as it gets closer to the Official Launch.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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