Exclusive Alganon Class Interview #2 - The Ranger

Posted Sun, Apr 19, 2009 by Cody Bye

If there’s anything that players want to know about before a game launches, it’s the classes that they have the ability to play. As Alganon draws ever closer to its initial open beta, the Ten Ton Hammer staff has initiated a series of exclusive interviews with Lead Data Designer Hue Henry centered on the playable classes in the upcoming fantasy MMO. Two weeks ago, we published our first exclusive class interview with the developers of Alganon, which focused on the Soldier class. This week we follow it up with a look at the pet-loving, archery proficient Ranger. The class certainly looks like something current WoW Hunters may be into, so make sure you take a look. Enjoy!

Ten Ton Hammer: Animal companions are obviously one of the unique features of the Ranger class. How do players choose their companion? Must they "tame" a wild beast and show it how to fight? Or will they be able to select from a number of beasts at the very beginning of the game?

Hue Henry: Players will have multiple options for choosing a companion. They can tame one from the wild, or even purchase one from a vendor. There are plans for future releases to allow players to tame and train beasts that can then be sold as commodities to other players. However, the ability to resell companions will arrive sometime after launch.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will a player's animal companion level up independently of the player? Or will it always be at a similar level?

Henry: An animal companion will always be at the same level as the player. A player and their companion will level up together. A tamed pet will be adjusted to the same level as the player. This allows a player to get new pets without being forced to spend a day or two leveling that pet before they can have fun again.


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