Earthrise Interview on Guilds and Territory Conquest

By Reuben Waters -
Scanning the horizon for upcoming MMO releases, one title that stands out from the crowd is Masthead Studios’ Earthrise which will offer a distinctly sandbox approach to gameplay. While a compelling PvE setting will certainly be present, it’s the title’s open PvP and player-driven economy that take center stage, offering players true control over their experience in the game to a degree rarely seen in today’s market.

Hot on the heels of our recent VIP interview, Ten Ton Hammer took the opportunity to speak with lead game designer Apostol Apostolov to delve deeper into certain aspects of guilds, resource gathering and territory control in Earthrise.

Ten Ton Hammer: In Ten Ton Hammer’s recent VIP interview, you touched on some of the ways resources will be gathered in Earthrise. With some of the rare resources in particular, will they be spread out over numerous controllable zones to help prevent a single guild from claiming too much control over the market value?

Apostol: Each controllable territory will allow guilds to mine only a subset of all rare resources available in the world. Guilds will be encouraged to carefully plan the resource market they want to enter and how their territories conquest plan will be laid out in order to gain an advantage. Still, it is possible for very powerful guilds or guild alliances to gain control over the majority of certain resource productions and manipulate it to its own advantage, although not enough to take the server’s economy out of balance.

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