Jade Dynasty: Exclusive Pet Evolution Dev Journal

Posted Fri, Jul 31, 2009 by Sardu

To begin our dev journal, we’d just like to announce that Jade Dynasty, the highly anticipated martial arts MMORPG and third title from Perfect World Entertainment, is now open to the public and free to play! Join the quest for immortality at

The pet system in Jade Dynasty is one of most in-depth pet systems you are likely to find in most MMORPG’s today. In Jade Dynasty, players can not only take pets into combat, but have them gather materials and craft for them. Today, we’d like to look at Pet Evolution.

Dryadling, Grade 1

Pet Evolution is the upgrading of your pet’s stats and appearance. Pets start out as a baby and can grow into adults.  Pets can be upgraded in appearance once they reach grade 12, and then again at grade 18.

A pet’s grade is increased by improving the max growth of its stats for example if your Health growth stat value is at 2000, training to increase it by 100 would help increase the pet’s grade.  Pets are trained through the use of Jades. These can be purchased from Pet Tamer Totto in Sunstream City—he has a wide variety of Jades that will increase the growth of certain stats. The Jades all vary in their cost of Celebeans, which can be obtained through quests or sometimes drops.

Dryadling, Grade 2

Another way to obtain these Jades is to level up a pet, and then release him to the wild. The released pet will give you a gift, normally one of the growth upgrade Jades.

Keep in mind, if you only level up a single stat growth (just Stun Resistance, for example), it will take a very long time to reach grade 12. Upgrading all the stat growths will increase your pet’s grade much faster.

Once your pet reaches grade 12, you will be able to purchase a Blue Mushroom from Pet Tamer Totto. With this in hand, go to Pet Master Ellan and train your pet with this mushroom. Congratulations—your pet has evolved! He will now have increased stats, and a new appearance.

Dryadling, Grade 3

To reach the final stage of evolution, repeat the process to obtain Grade 18, and train with a Colorful Mushroom instead of a Blue Mushroom, to see the final stage of evolution!

There are many pets to choose from in Jade Dynasty, and each has their own unique appearance in their three stages of evolution.

Press ‘P’ and then the Stats button to view all of your pets stats, including level, resistances, age and each attributes growth rate.

The pet system in Jade Dynasty is complex and in-depth, but once mastered, will allow players to customize a pet’s appearance, stats and skills to be the perfect companion, further customizing their personal gameplay.


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