The Changing Landscape of Tyria in Guild Wars 2

For the release of the first novel set in the Guild Wars 2 universe, Ghosts of Ascalon, ArenaNet has also given fans a sneak peak into the major regions of Tyria and how they've changed since the original Guild Wars by providing a new world map. While many of the marked locations no doubt tie directly into the storyline of the new novel, this new map of Tyria still sheds plenty of light on the size and scope of the world as players will experience it in the upcoming MMOG.

We've put together a detailed breakdown of five of the major regions players will explore along with pertinent info on the main locations marked on the new map of Tyria for Guild Wars 2.

Sorrow's Embrace - A key location in Guild Wars history, Sorrow's Embrace is in the former location of Sorrow's Furnace, the Stone Summit mine where the Tome of the Rubicon was thought to be forever buried beneath age old ruins. It's this tome that contained the true name of the Great Destroyer which, when spoken aloud would bring about the return of the elder dragons.

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