Craft of Gods Launches New Free-to-Play Option

Posted Tue, Sep 07, 2010 by Martuk

Free-to-play gaming is continuing to grow in popularity with publishers. Turbine proved that the system can work and work well with their games. And with Sony Online Entertainment recently making EverQuest II (EQII) available for free with EQII Extended, it stands to reason that other publishers are taking notice. The most recent game to join the free-to-play bandwagon is Craft of Gods, which publisher Kalicanthus Entertainment recently announced that it has opened a new free-to-play server for the game.

The free-to-play server will run alongside the pay-to-play server, allowing free-to-play players to buy a new currency known as Kun, which will be used to purchase in-game items and content through the game's new item shop. A description of the two services can be viewed here.

Milan, September 2010 - Kalicanthus Entertainment (, leading company in the Italian online gaming market, announces today the opening of a new Free to Play (F2P) server, which will run aside of the already existing Pay to Play (P2P) server, for its MMORPG Craft of Gods (

The server has been introduced in order to give players one more free choice and make Craft of Gods, now more than ever, ‘the game of free choices’, not only with regards to gameplay, but also regarding the payment methods.

“We feel, that this is an innovative and unique feature” says Fabrizio Cali, CEO at Kalicanthus, “which will give users one more choice on how they prefer to play the game. They will now be able to choose whether they want to pay to play by subscription or if they prefer to play for free and buy the items they want in the item shop. It is very simple: they just choose between the two servers”.

Players who buy the retail box can convert the value of the box (29,95 €) into 50 € of virtual currency and have a number of great free bonuses on top.

In order to enter the new server and play for free, users will have to register an account on the website and download the client.

The game itself is the same on the two servers. The P2P server will continue to offer the complete game, including all its features and items to those users who chose subscription, while on the F2P server some items and features will be available only if acquired through a new premium currency called ‘Kun’, which can be purchased through the Kalicanthus Item shop.

Players will be able to transfer their characters from one server to the other, with some minor limitations. The detailed list of differences between the servers and all details regarding the character transfer can be checked out on the Craft of Gods’ website (


Craft of Gods recently launched a new free-to-play server for players that

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Free-to-play gaming is continuing to grow in popularity with publishers. Turbine proved that the system can work and work well with their games.

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