Craft of Gods Reveals The Caves of Tallion

Posted Wed, Sep 15, 2010 by Martuk

Craft of Gods recently launched a new free-to-play server for players that are less fond of subscriptions. And new content is on the way for players of both the free and subscription-based servers to enjoy. The latest reveal from Kalicanthus offers a look at the Caves of Tallion, a huge dungeon with 14 new bosses and challenges for players to overcome.

Built long ago by Avi and Navi, the Caves of Tallion was the tunnel that connected the two worlds. When the war between Svarog and the Black Snake started the caves were closed down and the Atlantians were instructed by Cronos to build portals that obstruct the passages. Now that a group of unaware miners accidentally opened a passage inside the caves, only the most daring adventurers can enter to hold the ancient evils within.


Craft of Gods recently launched a new free-to-play server for players that

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Wed, Sep 15, 2010

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Tue, Sep 07, 2010
Craft of Gods, created by Kalicanthus Entertainment, is a fantasy MMOG based upon Slavic mythology.
Mon, Jun 07, 2010

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