DCUO Pushes Back - For Better or Worse

Posted Wed, Oct 13, 2010 by Savanja

DC Universe Online made the announcement last week that the game isn't ready and release will be delayed until early 2011 much to the dismay of its many fans.

In a sagging niche of super hero games, DCUO is walking into a mine field of expectation and high hopes. Will the push back hurt a game that is already flying under the radar, or is there hope that DCUO can break through and wow a jaded market?

Having just released last year, Champions Online has been the game most compared to the upcoming DCUO and unfortunately this comparison tends to shed a less than favorable light on the niche for potential players looking to get into a new super hero incarnation. CO revved up the hype and brought in a good amount of pre-sales, often topping sales charts, only to plummet into obscurity a few months after launch. What went wrong?

Read Savanja's thoughts in DCUO Pushes Back - For Better or Worse and be sure to post your own thoughts by clicking the "Post your comments" link below.


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