Perpetuum Gamma Frontier Expansion Launches June 1st

Posted Thu, May 31, 2012 by Martuk

Perpetuum’s latest expansion was originally scheduled to launch on May 30th, but after a brief delay, the Gamma Frontier expansion is expected to release tomorrow and bring a number of new features and content to the robot themed sci-fi sandbox MMOG. Some of the new items include terraforming for 24 new islands, the Modular Private Colony system, a revamp to the rendering engine and more.

Check out the press release below for more and peek the latest screenshots in our Perpetuum: Gamma Frontier gallery.

Perpetuum gets second major expansion on June 1st, named "Gamma Frontier”

Avatar Creations, developer of Perpetuum – The Mech MMO is rolling out the biggest expansion so far to its robot themed sci-fi sandbox game. The expansion is being released on June 1st and is called Gamma Frontier. (The previous named expansion, Terra Incognita was released in 2011.)

Gamma Frontier includes groundbreaking features like terraforming on 24 brand new islands, and the much anticipated Modular Private Colony system (previously known as player-built settlements). From now on player corporations will have unprecedented control over where and how they want to build their home base, and will have a chance to launch large scale industrial projects with the help of networkable buildings (like bases, powerplants and mining towers) and defensive structures (such as turrets and protective walls).

Gamma Frontier also comes with a host of improvements, like a major revamp of the rendering engine creating more realistic land, sky and atmospheric effects, and the introduction of a public test server that enables players to help improve Perpetuum by trying out new patches and expansions before release.

More about the Modular Private Colony system:

Building and planning a colony

New islands, building types and control

Minerals and industry

More about terraforming:

Terraforming video

More about the new rendering engine:

More about the new test server:

About Perpetuum – The Mech MMO
Perpetuum is a science fiction themed, massively multiplayer role-playing and real-time strategy game (MMORPG / MMORTS) set in a persistent universe, where the actions of individual players shape a single world with a common history.

Situated on an alien planet, players piloting various types of customizable robots explore the vast terrain to find and extract valuable resources, trade goods or engage in battles with the native robotic lifeforms or rival agents for strategic advantage.

Running the game requires a Windows, Mac or Linux computer built in the past five years. The installer is free to download from our website.

Perpetuum was launched in November, 2010 and is available for a monthly subscription, with a 15 day free trial for new users.

About Avatar Creations
Avatar Creations, located in Budapest, Hungary is an independent game development studio. The company was founded in 2006 for the development of Perpetuum - a completely unique, open, persistent world where players are able to engage in a wide variety of interactions ranging from combat to communication and building an economy. The goal of Avatar Creations is to continually develop this world in the coming years to provide a game that a growing number of players can enjoy worldwide.


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