We've partnered up with the folks at eSportsPools.com to bring you our next Tournament Challenge for this weekend's upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event at MLG X Games Aspen Invitational 2015. Similar to our recent giveaway for the SMITE World Championship 2015, participants will have the opportunity to compete for over $1000 in prizes. 

CS:GO Tournament Challenge Details

An overview of the CS:GO Tournament Challenge can be found below, but be sure to visit eSportsPools.com for complete details!

  1. Visit eSportsPools.com to log in, or register as a new user by clicking on the handy Login/Signup button found in the upper right corner of the site
  2. Choose Your Players - Pick a total of 6 players to compete for your team (no more than 2 from each team)
  3. Rack Up Kills - We will count total kills for the entire tournament
  4. See How Your Team Stacks Up - The top 3 fantasy teams with the most kills at the end of the tournament wins!

Please note that you can change your team picks until 5 mintues before the match starts.

For more details and to register your CS:GO fantasy team picks be sure to visit eSportsPools.com!

CS:GO MLG X Games Aspen Invitational Coverage

For coverage of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this weekend at MLG X Games Aspen Invitational, be sure to visit eSportsMax.com right here on the Ten Ton Hammer network. If you're unfamiliar with CS:GO or interested in getting into the game, you can also check out our full CS:GO game page for tips, guides, and additional event coverage this weekend. 

Here is some guides to get you started:

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game Page.

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