Explore Telara with New Rift Beta 5 Screenshots

By Stacy Jones -

Rift's fifth beta has come and gone and there were plenty of fun new things to see in Telara during the event and Ten Ton Hammer was there to capture a fresh batch of screenshots for you. As you await the launch of the sixth Rift beta event, "Planar War", enjoy these new images from some of the more enjoyable sights in Telara. Well, as enjoyable as it can be until a rift invasion steamrolls you while sightseeing. Check them out below.

Earth Rift Waterfall Earth Touched
Foul Cascade Sky Scarlet Gorge Defiant Entrance Foul Cascade Death Rift
Rock Ridge Fire Rift I Found Darth Maul's Lost Cousin Gazing into the Fire Rift
In the Scarlet Gorge Scarlet Gorge Defiant Guard Rainbow
Scarlet Gorge Lift Scarlet Gorge Rise Scarlet Gorge Waterfalls
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