Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm Mission Guides Part Three: Char Missions

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StarCraft II Mission Guides

Char Missions

Welcome back to the Zerg homeworld of Char!

This guide assumes that you went to Kaldir first (it's totally okay if you don't, Char is a bit easier), if you did not, some of the comments are invalid. I suggest going to Kaldir first to unlock the basic Zerg units (Roach & Hydralisk) for future missions, since they’re the foundation of most Zerg combat. However, you can choose to do Char first without any problem.

At this point in time you can now use the evolution chamber. The evolution chamber allows you to choose between one of three upgrades for each of your units. Go ahead and choose the upgrade for the Zergling that fits your playstyle.


Main Objective Reward: +5 Kerrigan levels

Bonus Objective Reward: +2 Kerrigan levels

New Unit: Baneling

The Baneling is an explosive force and is great to mix in with armies to break up large clusters of enemies.

WARNING: One of the achievements requires you attention right at the start of the game!


Again, start off by building up some drones. This mission can be intense or rather easy, depending on if you’re going for the achievements or not. Poached Eggs is rather easy, you just need to go around and collect all of the Baneling nests, but No Egg for You is much more challenging. Why? Because you can’t let her collect a single egg, which means that everytime she spawns you need to ambush her outside of her base.

For the mission itself, just go around with Kerrigan and some Zerglings (or some Roaches if you did Kaldir first) and destroy everything and collect eggs. Banelings are useful for breaking up the buildings, but you don’t have to have giant armies of them.

For the bonus, the infested Terran structures go down rather quick, you can just send the free Banelings from the nests at them and it should be easy breezy. If you did Kaldir first, this mission is rather quick and effortless and even if you didn't, you're really just facing a few Spore Crawlers, a few Zerglings, and a few Infested Terrans.

Zerg Eggs

For the achievement, you’re going to just want to go all out on stopping Zagara. Place Banelines near her base and always focus her down, ignore her convoy.

As for what the mission really is, it's really easy, and if you're not hunting achievements you can just zoom through it taking Zagara out when she spawns and collecting eggs. BIG TIP! Use the shift key to queue commands so you don't have to walk Kerrigan to each egg sac individually.


  • Poached Eggs: Just find all six of the egg sacs.
  • No Egg for You: As above, camp Zagara to keep her from
  • Domination: Finish the mission.

At this point you now have access to the Archives and the ability to alter Kerrigan’s abilities (if not already unlocked). These features are on the main screen.

Next Mission: FIRE IN THE SKY


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