State of Decay Devs Field Questions on Traits, Skills, And More

Undead Labs posts a new Q&A session to address community questions from their latest State of Decay blog.

Earlier this month Undead Labs posted a new State of Decay blog titled “A Matter of Character”, which explored the characters and traits in the zombie survival game. As with any new detailed reveal or blog post, the community had questions. Luckily, the State of Decay devs had answers and over the weekend we got about 42 of them relating to traits, skills, characters, and more. The devs also stress the importance of having redundant backup characters, a skilled community of survivors, and how personalities can interact in the game's survivor community.

Q: Tarman, G0lgothan: Can negative traits be improved? For example, a Selfish Asshole might realise that the way he's going isn't going to work in the current world. Could he bust his ass to become a Team Player (or something). Similarly, could a Coward, with enough combat exposure, become Battle Hardened (or something)?

A: Generally speaking, people donÂ’t change who they are. There are a few situations where personalities can change, but you should not assume that you can smooth all the rough edges off of everyone and eliminate all their drawbacks. (Our reasons for that are gameplay-related as much as anything, but itÂ’s also an attempt at realism; I donÂ’t know how many Selfish Assholes youÂ’ve had to deal with in real life, but IÂ’m pretty certain itÂ’d take a hell of a lot more than a zombie apocalypse to turn around most of the ones IÂ’ve known.)

Read the full Q&A on the State of Decay forums.

Source: State of Decay Q&A

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