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One of the most confusing things about any new game is the user interface. The UI for the ground portion of Star Trek Online isn’t quite as imposing as its space counterpart, but it still deserves some study. There's a lot going on and a lot to keep track of in combat. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to figure out how to spread your squad out to flank your enemies after the proverbial space refuse has already hit the fan. There is a pause function, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly 45 seconds can disappear in an adventure. Fortunately, this guide will get you up to speed in no time.

We'll use the screenshot below (click here for the full-size version) as our example piece. As you can see, this is the type of moment you need to know what you’re doing. With Klingons on all sides, disruptor bolts flying wildly, and your away team looking to you for orders, this is no time to be unsure about the tools available to you.

We'll break down each section of the UI to make it easier to understand. This should keep it all from being too overwhelming for new players as well. If any button is grayed out, it simply means you are unable to use it at that time.


Target Info
Clicking this button will bring up a second window with additional information about your target. Be aware that the window can be obtrusive, so use with caution during combat.

Grade Differential
This represents the difference in levels to you. In this example, the window shows a "4", meaning the target is four levels above me. A "-1" would mean the target was one level below me. Keep in mind that this number can be misleading during ground combat. The Klingon may appear to be four levels above me, but remember that you have a full away team backing you up.

Current Target
Displays the name of your current target. Mousing over this will show the full name if it does not fit within the display. The bars below represent the target’s current shield and health.

Target's Target
This shows you who (or what) your target is currently targeting. The smaller targeting system works the same way as the larger, and will display all the information you need about the condition of your target's target.

The tier section works the same way on the ground as it does in space even though there aren’t specific tiers of mobs. In the example here, the two bars means the NPC is the same “tier” as I am. You can see that my away team member this Klingon currently has targeted is only a “tier 1”. Use this to judge the true strength of your opponent rather than the grade differential section.

Displays the distance between you and your target.


Hail Starfleet
Using this button will save you from a lot of running back and forth. Click here to complete missions and gather your rewards. New missions will also be available from NPC's through this window as you progress so check it often.

Scan Area
Using this button will scan the area for any anomalies. This is what you'll use to locate those precious alien artifacts, biological samples, and more to use for crafting.

Beam Up
If you've completed your mission (or are on a starbase/station), use this button beam back up to your ship. This ability is unavailable during combat.

RL Time
Rather than being some arbitrary in-game time, this clock shows the same time as your desktop, thus making it much easier to keep track of when you need to log off and get some sleep.

This window shows your current location. If a name is too long for the window, mouse over it to display the full name.

Display Big Map
This will open a map of the area you are currently in.

Character Status
This button will bring up your character screen. From here, you can access your equipment, skills, and more.

Opens your inventory window.

Captain's Log and Mission Journal
Hitting this button will open a new window from which you can access Episodes, Accolades, the Captain's Log, and your Communication Log.

Game Menu
From here, you can rearrange your HUD, access game options, chat settings, log out, or exit.

Help and Support
Allows you to access the library computer, request GM help, report a bug, get account support, and view your open tickets.

This is where you'll access PvP Queues, get your mail, visit the bridge of your ship (if you've chosen one), visit the C-Store (micro transactions), a music player, and the sharing settings.


Designates a number for the away team member. Used for setting rally points and assigning targets.

Displays the distance between you and your away team member.

Shows crew member’s ability. Press this button to order them to use it.

1 - Crewman does not have a rally point. Click to place a rally point.
This is the button to use when you want to send an away team member to a specific spot. Combining this with the Pause button (on screen, near bottom right) allows you to really set up some serious firefight advantages. For example, if you clicked this button for your fourth crew member (IV), you would see a icon appear on the screen.

2 - Currently has a target. Right-click to clear. Left-click to reset target.
Use this button if your away team member doesn’t seem to be following your firing directions. It may be because they’re hung up on a particular target already.

3 - This officer is using quick attack actions normally. Click to order into passive mode.
Use this button to swap party members between active and passive modes. This is especially useful when you could use a dedicated healer when you realize you may have bitten off more than you can chew. Rather than forcing your ass to cover a check your mouth couldn’t cover, order a team member to provide some much needed support instead.

4 - Switches all crew to a passive mode. They will not attack, but will continue to heal and buff.
Feel like you’re trying to herd cats and not getting anywhere? Set your crew to passive to get hold of the reins again.

5 - Crew will perform attack actions normally.
This is the setting you will have your crew on 95% of the time, but for those times you choose to place them in passive, be sure to hit this button to bring them back to reality. Preferably *before* you agro the Klingon squad in the next room.

6 - Based off your current target. If it is an enemy, the crew will attack it. If it’s an ally, the crew will assist.
This button gets used by me more than any other during ground combat, *especially* when having to take on those damnable Targ Handlers. Just before you start firing away at your target, hit this to get the rest of your away team on the same page. It’s also a great way to get some assistance to a fellow party member in a hurry.

7 - Sets a rally point for all your crew. Right-click to remove.
Click this button to choose a point on the ground you want your away team to congregate to. This is much easier than trying to direct each member to the same spot individually.

8 - Leave Team.
Use this if you wish to leave your current party. And no, I’m sorry, but you cannot use this button just to get away from a particularly hazardous red shirt if they’re from your own ship.

9 - Set Display Mode.
Clicking this button will bring up a “1” and “2” button on the display. Hitting “2” will display the useable ability each away team member has. This is the default setting. By choosing “1” instead, those images will be removed. Personally, I find this information too useful to consider removing.


Holster Weapon

Pressing this (or “H” by default) will put your weapon away. Wouldn’t want to accidentally shoot an Admiral in the face, now would we?

Swap Weapon
Pressing this button (or “Z” by default) will swap weapons. As the captain of a starship, you can carry two weapons at a time.

This is where you'll place all the abilities you want at your immediate beck and call with the press of a finger. Right-click+drag an icon to remove it from your hotbar.

Pressing this button will bring up a window with any abilities you can drag to your hotbars.

Add/Sub Rows
Clicking this button will bring up a small "1  2  3" image. Click on the number of hotbars you want and presto!

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