Star Trek Online Celebrates First Contact Day

By Stacy Jones -
Star Trek Online's Klingons Defense Force will be enjoying their new Alpha episode today, but Federation players will have a chance to enjoy content of a different sort. Cryptic Studios has announced the start of First Contact Day events to celebrate the first meeting of Star TrekÂ’s warp engine creator Zefram Cochrane.

Starting today and continuing through April 9th, Federation players can drop by the Vulcan sector of the Sirius Sector Block to pick up the new First Contact Day mission to earn a new in-game pet. Additionally, the crew of the Enterprise-F will be hanging around Utopia Planitia. Speak with the crew to get a copy of a deployable non-combat ship replica of the CochraneÂ’s first warp flight ship, the Phoenix.

Source: Season 5 Dev Blog #38: First Contact Day Celebration

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