BioWare Apologizes for Accidental SWTOR Bans

Posted Fri, May 24, 2013 by Martuk

I say it again; this is why we can’t have nice things. In every MMOG community, there are a few people that will foolishly try to use an exploit under the misguided belief that they won’t get caught. And while seeing these people get banned is somewhat of an amusing pastime, it’s unfortunate to see innocent players be punished for the discretions of a few. Such was the case with Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) this week.

With Update 2.1: Customization last week, some exploits were inadvertently added to the game. The exploits were patched up with Update 2.1.0b after which BioWare turned their attention to the offending players. Unfortunately, a number of innocent players were inadvertently caught in the crossfire numbering. BioWare places the number at less than 150 and has already taken steps to correct the issue and offered an apology to those affected.

Players that caught a swift glancing blow from the banhammer should have already been contacted by BioWare CS and had their accounts restored. On the off chance that you were one of the innocent few SWTOR players and have yet to have your account restored, BioWare suggests that you contact customer support at [email protected].

Source: BioWare Ban & Exploit Update


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