SWTOR Developers Address 1.4 Balance Change Concerns

Posted Wed, Sep 05, 2012 by Martuk

Earlier this week BioWare revealed plans to make a number of class and balance changes to Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) with the upcoming 1.4 update. Some of those changes included adjustments to crowd control (CC) skills and the PvP Resolve feature, which have stirred up some concerns in the community for both the impact it could have on PvP and the implications for PvE. In an effort to address community concerns, Senior Designer Austin Peckenpaugh and Senior PvP Designer Rob Hinkle chimed in to offer more details about the changes, and why they feel that they’re necessary.

The short version - In PvP, when a player uses a stun or CC on a player, and then that player is hit immediately with another right after before the first expires, the Resolve bar (when full makes the player immune to certain CC abilities) tends to fill up rather quickly. The new system will add resolve only for each second that the player is CCed rather than a bulk amount for each skill the player is hit with.

What this change actually does is make "wasted" control not build extraneous Resolve. Once this change goes live, two well-coordinated players will not be able to control a target for any longer than they ever were able to before. In the live game and after this change, the optimal control strategy is and will continue to be "player B uses his control after player A's control has worn off." The only change is that two uncoordinated players aren't unduly and additionally punished for wasting their control.

An example of the old and new system for both is provided along with more details in the post that you can read here.

Additionally, the duo served up more information about the other potential impacts that the changes could have on both PvP and PvE gameplay. While the two remain confident that the changes are the right thing, they also offer some insight into the testing process, and vow to always examine any changes to the game as a whole.

While it's true that some changes may be motivated by design requirements in one gameplay mode, we never make a change without confidence that it's fun and appropriate in all gameplay modes. We think it's natural for players to think of the game as two different sub-games and to dislike changes made for a sub-game they don't participate in, but that mindset couldn't be further from the case for us. We only ever look at the game as a complete package, and it's always our goal to deliver one cohesive and coherent gameplay experience. If, during our playtesting, we find that one experience suffers at the cost of another, we revisit our design goals and our options and reassess our approach.

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Seriously give up on this game already, it's been a failure since launch, should have stayed with with Kotor3. For people wanting a good mmo there is only one right now and that's GW2

Seriously, move on then. Why do you people keep coming back to enthrall us with your wisdom? When I leave a game, I'm done with it and I try not to let the door hit me in my rear on my way out. Happy hunting in your new game.

Agree completely. Some people have incredible urge to "stay in contact" with game that hate or dislike and they bash it at any time. Bash on bash .... eventually game at some point have fame of being bad. I was disappointed with TR, Rappelz, ... I can use them from time to time as bad example .. but will never chase on all forums and all articles to bash it.
About swtor ... is incredible game, incredibly polished, love literaly voiced questing, especially class quests, never in gaming industriy have found anything better and im 52. I can however only agree with friend that did not like pvp and stopped to play for this sole reason. I do not care for pvp so have absolutely no complain about this beautifull game which swtor for sure is.

Some people actually play a game rather than racing through the bare basics of the content ASAP, getting bored and then changing to a new game 2 months later. Good riddance to you. The game has far less whiners in it with a better sense of community than other games I've played and I like that. It has far better stories than most games of this genre.
I played world of warcraft for 4 years before deciding it was going downhill and changing. I think it will be some time before I stop playing this one. I couldn't care what GW2 is like. I'm not going to try every MMO that comes out. SWTOR has its flaws but I'm having a heck of a lot of fun playing it. A lot more than I was toward the end of my wow time.

"Hey Everyone, NEW Game is the best game out there, give up on the game you're playing because I know what I'm talking about"

That is until NEW Game is out for awhile and people discover things they don't like. So then NEWER game will be the game to play.

Well said, Xasterix!

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I enjoy playing SWTOR. There have been times when something hasn't worked , I've reported it and moved on.

So what if it isn't perfect? Name one thing that is.

Games will always have bugs, glitches, etc. Not everything will be caught in alpha or beta testing and rewriting code takes time (and also runs the risk of effecting something else).


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