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The Elder Scrolls Online

Since Arena in 1994, Bethesda has done something very few manufacturers can claim. They’ve released a series of five games with four (soon to be five) expansions, two spin-offs, and four java phone apps. And you won’t hear their fans complaining about rushed and incomplete content like you often do with other companies that have attempted similar feats. The Elder Scrolls games have become the definitive collection for immersive role-playing games. Now The Elder Scrolls will be taking another leap by becoming an MMO thanks to ZeniMax Online Studios.

Adrift in a sea of sub-par peers, it’s hard not to wonder about the fate of this honorable Elder. Has Bethesda thoroughly vetted their choice of developer? How will the massive open world sandbox translate to MMO format? Failure on any level would be an arrow in the knee to fans of the beloved franchise. (“I used to be an MMO gamer like you, but then...” Aw, never mind.) Is The Elder Scrolls Online cause for rejoicing or trepidation? Here’s my take.

Proven Track Record

I’ve been a fan of the Elder Scrolls for years. Arena was fun, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the Daggerfall’s pixilated nudity didn’t hook a teenaged Rico pretty quickly. It seems like Bethesda has always known what the fans needed and delivered it, whether the need was for a little late night thievery or creating just the right spell for depopulating small villages. The Elder Scrolls has always meant complexity, depth, and freedom. I think there are reasons to expect the same from the coming MMO.

From the early days of the Elder Scrolls series to now, there have been a number of changes in the industry resulting in far too many sub-standard games and dissatisfied gamers. Where many of their competitors caved too early and rushed releases, pushed 0-day downloadable content, and dumbed down their mechanics in order to be more approachable, the Elder Scrolls games have adhered to the highest of standards, releasing solid and complete games, not to mention expansions worthy of the term. This devotion to quality has served them well for approaching two decades, so there’s little chance of them changing it now.

Developer Choice

DAoC produced one of the best PvP systems seen to this day, and a similar system will be in use for The Elder Scrolls Online.

The choice of ZeniMax Online Studios as the developer for the new game was a wise decision. Matt Firor founded the company after eleven years at Mythic Entertainment where he worked as a producer for Dark Age of Camelot. DAoC produced one of the best PvP systems seen in MMOs to this day, and Firor has revealed that a similar system will be in use for The Elder Scrolls Online. This system will be composed of three different alliances, engaging each other in persistent PvP or, more appropriately, Realm vs. Realm. This type of PvP has proven to be very dynamic and has demonstrated a great deal of sustainability in DAoC, keeping the game competitive in the market long after many others would have failed.

if Hamburger helper is writing the story and no dungeon finder, it will be tor 2.0

i dnt understand how dungeon finder can make or a break a game. it was one of the worst things blizz ever did to wow. It ruined server communities and as of now its the only thing saving some servers from being complete ghost towns. Its a fail safe for population issues. Blizz is even making some zones cross server instead of merging cuz that would bring so much bad press. Ohh wait bad press from blizz my bad every mmo site on the internet sucks blizz and would drink any bull shit they throw at them and just ask for more like oliver twist.

so you admit dungeon finder stops crtain servers from being a ghost town then say that's a bad thing? also stop saying blizz i immune from critics, it's one of the most criticized companies ever. Bioware is the company that is untouchable or was until ME3. Dungeon finder makes it easier for you to get the require gear and experiences needed for high level play. Tor suffers from pop loss just as any mmo can, the differnence is if i stop playing wow it's because I "a can not find a guild or pub raids or get bored. I would never quit wow for a lack of things to do or a lack of five mans, Tor I did just that

Taking a skill point/sandbox game and shoving it into a tired, old Class-Level (1974 era) /themepark (1990) paradigm is beyond risky. It's insulting. Add in the incoherent mess that they made of the lore in justifying the lazy three lumps of races-faction system, and you have a product that has already spent most of the goodwill by the fans before it ever hits beta. I'm concerned for the stability of the franchise as a whole if this entire DAOC re-skin crashes and burns like Copernicus. Whoever green-lit this messy translation should have spent several more days reconsidering.

I don't know that you can call it a DAoC re-skin. I haven't seen anything to really compare it to DAoC yet besides the fact that there are three factions. Not saying you're wrong, just that I think it's a little early to be trashing it by using that particular point. As far as three factions, I think that's just really smart. Developers are starting to get wise to the stagnation problem you run into when you only have two factions. Three factions neatly gets around that, and you've seen a lot of games start running with that idea.

My hope would be that this is less themepark and more sandbox, and I think there's some chance of that happening. More likely something in-between, but I can live with that. Sure, it could suck. I don't think there's enough info just yet to say it'll suck, though. If they do bone it, they'll get their share of ridicule from me, for the little that would count. It just seems that if you're complaining about it already, you almost have to be hunting for things not to like.

This is actually an MMO I don't even consider worth noting, much less playing. TES is about complete freedom. It's about being whomever you want to be, and that's not gonna translate into an MMO, at least not in the way they plan it (WOW basically).

Without that freedom TES is actually quite a mediocre RPG world. It's got its standard races, skills, items, lore (give or take a couple of "original" ideas), it doesn't shine in terms of questing (again bar a few). Without the complete freedom it offers TES is WOW or DDO.

>Dragon Fel

BAHAHAHAHA! Confirmed to be a pretending moron.

Yes, because auto-spell-check is renown for isolating morons and outing them.

I think as long as it doesn't go the route of WoW, trying to please everyone and making it simple enough for 12 year olds to play easily, the game could be very interesting.

What I miss the most is a CHALLENGE. I don't want it to where my character can do everything and solo everything and go crazy on DPS without having to care about strategy and crowd control etc.

The GOOD players who invest effort, know how to properly play their class/role and can work with others should be the ones walking around with the best gear (even if it isn't myself).

There was a time when there was a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT when playing these games. A time when people were respectful to others or they didn't get anywhere.

THAT is what I want and hope for.

Maybe it is nostalgia I'm looking for, the days where I was a hopeless noob getting my ass handed to me in EverQuest and having to really INVEST effort to just level up (and not "un-ding"/lose my equipment)... but I have always said if games like Skyrim were a MMO, my soul would be sold. We will see.

I think what a lot of you are that MMOs started as theme park sand boxes and thats what drew people into the genre with games like EQ and DAoC...

What made EQ and DAoC great was the fact that you had no direction and you could do what you wanted limited to what they had back then yeah its an old game but what they did right was bring a sense of immersion and exploration

They made Norrath and the realms of camelot feel alive. They did this by FORCING you to explore and remember what youd seen and where you had been because there was no MAP, there was noone telling you go here here here and here oh you can go here first but its not gonna do you any good
There were also no QUEST HUBS which i CANNOT stand because theres nothing to it all i do is run to the ! and ride the fuckin rail

The genre has turned to the 10 and up style of game play. WoW is the reason for that and has become a JOKE the game is so fucking easy and i know fan boys are going to barrate me but lets be honest youre handed everything with a quest and pointed in the direction you need to im sorry you HAVE TO GO, how often are you actually paying attention to the game and not you map? the PvP is an atrocity(it simply comes down to variety in class...both factions have the same classes? the same talent tress? both factions the same class brings it down to whose got the correct build and whose got the best gear) and theyve failed to bring the azeroth to life...

the game was so gripping for many because they probably never played EQ DAoC SWG UO because half the population is under 14

What Zenimax is doing is what this genre needs.... A REVAMP ... MMOs used to be tough and unforgiving, full of immersion and exploration, an mmo should feel like ANOTHER WORLD when you play not just a drone of quests and button mashing and tab targeting..... the WoW tyrant has REVOLUTIONIZED as well as DESTROYED the genre all at once my hat is off to you blizz for accomplishing that.

This game needs the immersion of TOR the pvp of DAoC the exploration of EQ and they hit it on the head with real time combat and i believe matt firor zenimax and bethesda can do just that

im not saying this is the "wow killer" i could care less if the game got another mil subscribers or fell dead on my doorstep when they release GW2 im saying this for future games for the sake of the genre.

when i say the immersion of TOR i mean the story telling bioware does so well

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