Top 5 MMOs We Want Ported to the Xbox One & PS4

Posted Wed, Sep 25, 2013 by Dalmarus

Yesterday, I posted an article that looked at the viability of the new generation of consoles as platforms for MMOs. There’s no question there are still some issues to work out in terms of player communication and keyboard hotkey to game controller button conversions, but for some titles, they already appear ready to make the leap. Whether the games in our list are ready or not though, here are the top five titles we’d like to see ported over to the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

5. World of Warplanes

Of all the games in our list, World of Warplanes, despite their odd decision of a new launch date, is the game most ready for a console port. In a guide discussing the input control choices for WoWP, I mentioned that even though the joystick is the top choice for players, the gamepad came in second only by a fraction. Depending on when you grew up, it may even be a better choice. As such, I don’t see any reason why the game shouldn’t be one of the first to be ported to a new generation of consoles. As a side bonus, the company already has experience with such conversions, and personally, I think World of Warplanes would be far easier to port than World of Tanks was. 

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