Killing it in Kingsmouth - 20 Tips for The Secret World Beta Weekend

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Killing It in Kingsmouth -20 Tips for The Secret World Beta Weekend

You’ve read the hands-on previews; now it’s time to learn the things you need to know before you get your own hands on The Secret World beta this weekend.

Ten Ton Hammer has been racking up the zombie (and other assorted bad guy) body count on the Secret World press server, and we’re here to share our experience and get you on your way to kicking ass and taking names in Kingsmouth.


    The Ten Ton Hammer team assesses The Polaris.
  • When you create your character, you’ll be asked to provide a first name, nickname, and last name. Be aware that your nickname is the one that displays in the game. In other words, if you name a character Guy “Effin”’ll be running around the world with the rather uncool name Effin over your head. (Yeah. One of us learned that from experience.)
  • Take some time to familiarize yourself with the default keymapping when you first begin playing. The full list can be found in the main Options menu, and can save you a bit of frustration once you know things like Shift+F opens the social window.
  • Vendors for basic weapons and consumables can be found in the sheriff's station in Kingsmouth. You'll want to make frequent trips to sell loot you don't need, and you can also make repairs to damaged gear by clicking on the Repair tab in the vendor window.
  • Not happy with the clothing items you selected during character creation? Once you've earned a little extra Pax Romana (the main currency in TSW) head to one of the main faction cities where you can find vendors selling gender-specific clothing items for a modest fee.
  • When out of combat, pressing the X key will activate your Sprint ability. This can greatly reduce the time it takes to traverse larger portions of the map.
  • The tilde key [~] holsters your weapon.
  • The scenery in Kingsmouth is grisly but cool. If you want to take a screenshot, you’ll need to know that the F11 takes a screenshot and ALT + F11 takes a jpg screenshot. Screens are found in your program file folder under Funcom.


    The ring on the ground means this undead fireman is about to 'ax' a very serious question.
  • Holding down the right mouse button while moving with your directional keys allows you to strafe in whatever direction you’re moving, which is handy for avoiding monster attacks.
  • Monsters have “tells,” letting you know when they’re going to launch a big attack. Early on, the game will point them out by putting markers on the ground showing you the radius of the attack and warning you to get out of the way. Pay attention! These markers are used as a learning tool, but later in the game you’ll only have visual cues to let you know when a monster is about to lay the smack down.
  • During combat, the environment can be both your friend and your enemy. Sometimes you’ll find useful items to help you fight (such as gas cans--handy for igniting and blowing up hordes of zombies). But monsters can create harmful environmental effects by doing things like laying down lingering fields of toxic gas or electrifying the water. You’ve been warned!
  • Take advantage of “states” when you’re working in groups. Your partners can use abilities to put an enemy into a certain state (example: knocked down) that your abilities may be able to exploit. Know what you can do, and figure out creative ways to work together.
  • There are surprises around every corner. Expect to die as a result, and don’t take it too personally. Remember that grouping is not only more fun, but also your friend. The Secret World is one MMO that seems to reward group play.


    Edgar and his junkyard dogs, Tango and Cash, have some missions for you.
  • Explore your environment. Look around and try to think outside the box.
  • Missions in The Secret World aren’t as obvious and easy to find as they are in other MMOs. The game encourages exploration, so rather than gathering a bunch of missions at a quest hub and then setting out, you’re going to have to find things to do all around Kingsmouth. Visit the junkyard and the skate park and other unlikely places. Interact with objects, too. (They have a red outline around them.) You never know what you’ll find.
  • When attempting to solve puzzles, be sure to check your immediate surroundings for additional clues. Listen to what NPCs have to say, and remain observant. It really helps if you can get yourself into the mindset of an agent--stay sharp and keep your eyes and ears open.
  • Many missions can be repeated after a certain amount of time passes so don’t hesitate to revisit some of your favorite NPCs.
  • Some missions require you to go somewhere to activate the next part of the mission. You’ll have to have that mission active in order for the quest log to recognize when you're in the right spot.

Character Development

    Check out Decks (pre-made templates) to get a look at weapon combinations and builds.
  • You'll start the game with a single weapon, but can ultimately equip two. To get a better feel for how you can combine active and passive skills for two weapons, to better fit a character concept you're aiming for, be sure to open the Decks panel. This displays as a vertical tab option on the ability screen [N key], and includes some premade deck examples that help illustrate various build concepts.
  • Early on, you'll want to carefully consider where you spend your skill points. For example, to equip higher grades of Talismans, you'll need to spend points in the Head, Major, or Minor Talisman lines. So if you spent all of your available points in your weapon lines, it will take a lot longer to start equipping new talismans that drop towards the end of Kingsmouth and heading into Savage Coast.
  • Damage and Healing weapon skill lines are fairly obvious, but if you're looking to fulfill more of a traditional tanking role, select weapons and lines labeled as Survivability.

Have you found additional tips and tricks for other beta testers taking on The Secret World this weekend? Share them in the comments below!

"you can find vendors selling gender-specific clothing items for a modest fee."

You call that rip-off modest, eh?

I caution you all to either get into the beta with a free key or preorder from someone other than Funcom so you can cancel it if you don’t like it.

Direct Funcom preorders are unrefundable because they believe access to a beta is the same as playing the game at release.

I do encourage you if you’re considering the game preorder from a 3rd party and try the beta weekends.
Some people are raving about it and others are bitterly disappointed.

The above hopefully comes across as an even view of the game. The rest isn’t.

I personally find the graphics to look dated and the animations a decade old. the combat has the same feel as EQ did but you are required to spam one or two spellsactions thrice to cast/use another better spell/sction. It becomes very repetitive.

Quests have some very good points like the investigation quests where you need to be observant and work out the puzzle. the down side is you will end up having to go to the same fire station 4-5 times for different quests because you are severly limited on how many you can have at a time. At one point I had the main story quest and one other. found a body with a phone that had a quest icon… couldn’t pick that quest up without discarding the current non story quest.

The ui has its supporters and detractors, unfortunately I found it clunky and missing standard features like being able to assign party chat and say to another window unless your in a party; at which time you can then do so. Unless you log out then that window no longer exists.

Crafting has some good points but you have to remember to write down any patterns for weapons ect as there is no way in game to record these. you may have seen the video by funcom showing the hammer being constructed and the patter that the materials had to be laid out? Well you have to remember that for all the weapons and talismans.

TLDR? Get into the beta via a non Funcom preorder and see if you like it before fully committing.


While you do have some good points, you should keep in mind that the game is still in its beta. this is the very first beta weekend event. This means that the game will see changes before launch, like improved grafics and a smoother combat.

I have a question for you Angrah, did you give feedback to Funcom about how you feel the quest-log should allow for more active quests? That you would like an in-game interface for saving recipes? Or report the bug that the chat-log doesn't remember your settings?

It *is* a beta, if your not reporting your finds then how do you expect them to know what you think? All your points are easily fixed with a minimal amount of effort spent, as long as they get clear reports on what their players feel is off that is.

Angrah: As stated by funcom, the animations are just placeholders for now. This is beta, and I would assume that the animations pickk up before launch.

On one hand I totally agree that it is best to pre-order and then cancel if you don't like the game prior to launch as to not waste money on it...

But on the other hand, from testing experience I realize that beta testing can have a two pronged effect.
One- get that early taste and feel for the game you are craving for
Two- get discouraged about the game due to its many flaws/drawbacks due to playing the game in a testing environment.

Personal Example:
I beta tested Tera for 3 weekends of testing... didn't care for it... cancelled pre-order... saved myself some $$$. Was happy I cancelled.

I beta tested SWTOR for 2 weekends... am a fanboy... didn't cancel despite several drawbacks of the game... was happy because I'm playing in the Star Wars Universe.

Back in the day I tested SWG before Beta testing was as accessible, even though I was a fanboy, didn't buy the game due to the many drawbacks... I regret not buying and playing the game as have heard tons of feedback on how amazing the game was prior to NGE and Sony.

Sum up...
Games I didn't beta test and didn't like I wasn't all that upset about the lost funds, and got to see it front and center as a complete game, in other words the game gave me it's best shot to like it or not.

Games I've beta tested always have a flawed origin in my mind that I can't shake, as my first impression was in a testing environment aka *buggy*.

My advice...
If beta testing doesn't leave you with unmet expectations, and you can work past the flaws and still enjoy the game, pre-order, beta test and either stick with it, or cancel prior to launch to possibly save yourself some money for a game you don't like.

If you truly like the concept of this game... hold off on beta testing. Wait for launch and give the game the best chance for you to like it.


I am always amazed by the number of gullible people who think a game in beta 2-3 weeks prior to release is going to drastically change at release. No one notice that it's been in development for a long time and therefore not much can change in 2 weeks of development.

When game get to public phase beta (be it close or open) the core mechanic are generally in place, the UI, and so are the graphic and sound assets. They are stress testing some elements, getting so feedback for quest flaws, environment issue, clipping, and the like. Things that can be fix without rewiring the game, animation, and texture for example which if you knew how it works would know cannot be done in 2-3 weeks. Major changes would require internal testing beyond the available time.

The other aspect to not forget when games go to public testing (again both closed and open) is they are now more meant to gain publicity and people to try them. With very few exception when closed beta were done long before release and for an extended period, the week-end here and there format are not for major game development or changes.

So in essence, beta phase close to release are tryout with a time for the Dev to iron out the polish of their game and handle server issues.

Do not expect animation changes and the like to pop up at release on, or around, June 19. They would have had those in for testing now rather than all of a sudden introduce assets they had, for some reasons, withheld somewhere.

I am still enjoying this game and can't wait to see what is coming next. It really helps to have a Secret World Guide to help you along the way.


Joel Bylos returns from his hiatus with an update on The Secret World’s development and release of Tokyo.

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