The Secret World Reveals Egypt's City of the Sun God

Funcom returns to Egypt to reveal the secrets hidden within the forbidden ruins built by the Black Pharaoh – Akhenaten.

Funcom has posted a new developer journal over at that reveals the Egyptian City of the Sun God for The Secret World. The City of the Sun God is an ancient series of tombs and temples built by the Black Pharaoh and guarded by seven statues infused with the powers of Egyptian gods, but theyÂ’ve failed in their guard duty.

Over thirty-three-hundred years ago, when the call was raised to resist Akhenaten's tyranny over Egypt, the Marya answered. Now it is the players' turn to lead the charge and ensure that Atenism can never take root again.

With The Secret WorldÂ’s third Beta Weekend set to kick off tomorrow (grab one of our beta keys for it here), now is a good time to brush up on some of the gameÂ’s lore. Head over to MMORPG to check out the full dev journal for more.

Source: The Secret World Dev Journals: City of the Sun God - Egypt

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