At Ten Ton Hammer, we've had fun with the myriad character customization sliders many online games offer. Most of these contribute little or nothing to the look or style of your character in-game; nine times out of ten, you'll only notice eyebrow height or high cheekbones if someone has done something freakish with their avatar.

However, in APB, Realtime Worlds has in effect created a whole new side of the game with some incredible customization options. Players can create tattooes, vehicle decals, customized clothing, and even "death music" using a built-in step sequencer, then sell these items to other players. Vehicles can have a wide variety of paint schemes and mods such as spoilers that not only change the look of the car, but in some cases how it drives as well. Nor are these changes entirely superficial. For example, a league leading player's unique look can be immortalized with a statue dedicated to him or her in the social district of the city.

Chris Collins of Realtime Worlds walks us through many of these customization options with a live look inside the game in this video, our first live look at APB customization from PAX 2010.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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