APB's online shooter and customization aspects are well-documented, but what about its massively multiplayer underpinnings? Throughout APB's history, both Webzen and Realtime Worlds have attempted to distance APB from players' preconceptions of an MMORPG, hoping to create a game that defies easy classification. But in the final analysis, fans of the massively multiplayer category might find a lot to love in the game.

To find out about APB's MMOG-ness, we asked APB Executive Producer Joshua Harris about instance numbers, role levels, innovative payment options, and more in this new, exclusive, gameplay-footage filled video previewing All Points Bulletin.

From the interview:

There are lots of really good products on the market with fantastically large worlds where, while doing your thing, you might every now and then you might run into someone else doing their thing, but in many respects its like a single player game that we're playing together as opposed to a game that we're all involved in at once... APB, fundamentally, is a game where you're fundamentally playing in small groups and those groups tend to get larger over time. It's a very different system from, 'I happen to be in a world running around with other people,' to now, 'I'm in a world where I'm going to be matched and paired against other players on an ongoing basis.'

Watch the video here: Putting the MMO in APB - An Exclusive Video Interview with APB Exec. Producer Josh Howard.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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