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Brings a tear to my eye...

As we await the official announcement of EverQuest Next on August 2nd, many of us are growing ever more nostalgic for our EQ days. Take Eric "Dalmarus" Campbell's ongoing run of articles reminiscing about his favorite facets of EQ while speculating on EQ Next, for instance.

Nostalgia is the reason for today's video, which digs into forgotten Internet archives to bring us a video version of what was initially a Flash presentation created in 2004 by the guild Mirage, Sayonara Norrath. It begins as an album filled with screenshots of iconic places from EQ, and from the moment I see that first image of the Kelethin platforms I fell off of in my wood elf newb days, or the chess board where I once defeated massive undead Knights, or the entrance to Kaladim...well, I'm awash in memories. The video then shows us some of the epic raids that took place in Norrath, and some of the characters we'll never forget. And it reminds us of the frienships we forged, and the times we spent fighting side-by-side.

There's a reason the initial Flash presentation was a viral sensation before we'd even invented the term "viral." What are your fondest memories of Norrath? Are you looking forward to forging new ones in EverQuest Next? Comment below!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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