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Posted Thu, Jun 27, 2013 by Shayalyn

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Introducing ESO

Every game in development has fans and potential fans with varying degrees of knowledge about their title. They range on a sliding scale from the geeked out super fan who knows every word any dev ever spouted and can quote them verbatim, to the casually interested fan who knows just enough to realize that, eventually, he or she might want to know more. This video was created for folks who fall on the casually interested side of the spectrum, but it will probably also appease the super fans who can't get enough of their game of choice.

Atropos, at Tamriel Foundry, has created an excellent video overview of The Elder Scrolls Online. It's definitely worth watching, whatever your level of interest in the game. Not only will you see a collection of great HD game footage, but you'll be treated to a summary that will introduce you to ESO if you happen to be new to the franchise.

The video also features some wonderful Elder Scrolls music. Is there anything quite as stirring as the Elder Scrolls main theme, composed by Jeremy Soule? That thing's going to be looping in my head all day, making everything I do, from writing articles to cooking up some mac n' cheese, that much more epic.

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