Camelot Unchained Lore Reveals the Phouka

City State boss Mark Jacobs serves up a new lore entry with a lighter theme for Camelot Unchained.

City State Entertainment founder Mark Jacobs returns this week with a new lore update for Camelot Unchained with The Becoming: The Phouka. Unlike JacobsÂ’ previous and much darker entry in the lore series, this one takes on a lighter tone. The new lore is inspired in part by the works of Lady Jane Wilde, the mother of author Oscar Wilde.

As the story involves some discussions about mounts, Jacobs offered one little disclaimer for readers to keep in mind before checking out the latest story.

"Since I know that this story will lead to a lot of speculation on the forums, let me simply start by saying that as per our Kickstarter and forum discussions, I have not committed to having player mounts, as opposed to pack animals, in the game nor have I ruled them out. The difficulty of course is the performance hit we will take for having mounted combat or simply just a lot of people riding on their mounts.  AndrewÂ’s and my opinions havenÂ’t changed on this subject so please, simply enjoy the story for what it is. I will say however, that if we do have mounts, having a shape-shifting Phouka would be a damned cool mount for the TDD. Also, we have considered (and talked about this on the forums as well) having a non-human race and the Phouka would certainly be one that is worth thinking about for possible inclusion."

Source: The Becoming: The Phouka

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