Delightfully Dangerous Deep Dark Dungeon Delving in Vanguard

by Shiver

If you look over the post Top 5 MMORPG Zones of all Time at the official
Vanguard forums, clearly dungeons have brought out a lot of love and longing
for adventure. I am happy that not only is Vanguard going to put the sting
back into death, but also bring darkness back to dungeons.

Most of the people I have gamed with learn in dawning horror the keen lack
of direction I have developed over the years. Through the use of tattoo
inks and carefully printing Right and Left on my hands I can sometimes find
my way out of a paper bag. This doesn't stop me from wanting to go into
dungeons; it just stops me from ever getting out of them. I love dungeons
and it becomes rapidly obvious that I am not the only one.

One of the great things about dungeons is you never know what will be
around the next corner. It could be a tribe of troglodytes or some crafters
carefully harvesting under the watchful eyes of a healer and a couple
dread knights.

As you descend, the troglodytes may be replaced by encounters with trolls
and the parties of other adventurers you see will be larger, with rogues
sneaking ahead to check the path, and pick up any 'lost' treasure. Soon
you can overhear mages starting to mumble about how a fire ball would
make it much easier to see.

Dungeon delving should be a mix of stress, excitement and well-timed
healings. Charging ahead for the golden monster you need might advance
your quest, but that sinking feeling when you see the monsters at your
back is one part thrill and two parts chill. Some dungeons are so big
that when you see another party you're less likely to cringe over the
loss of "your camp" but greet them with a sigh of relief. Both
groups can decide to join forces to go deeper into that cold dungeon.

Somewhere at the bottom of the dungeon is a forge, not just any forge
but the one that you got the special recipe for. It was with few misgivings
that you handed the rare recipe over to your Vulmane blacksmithing friend.
You know that, last time you all went out together, she picked up some
pricelessly pure grade A cobalt and is dying to forge a unique weapon
with it. Raids are definitely not the only kind of server first to hit.
Thinking of her makes you double check to make sure the crafters are doing
okay. You know that all five kinds of crafters are needed to make this
weapon. Carefully you ignore the woodcrafter asking if anyone has a backup
tool belt. You don't want to know why this is being asked.

It's amazing you got into this part of the dungeon anyhow. Without the
work of the diplomats you would have never gotten past the first gate.
"What goes below must stay below" had a chilling ring to it.
Thankfully the diplomat was able to talk the nobles into supporting this

Vanguard is putting no small effort into making sure that the dungeons
are not copycats of each other. We know that some of the dungeons may
not be able to be defeated at launch and, while there might be limited
teleporting in a dungeon, it can take over six hours to find your way
around some of them. Dungeons will be plentiful and an important part
of the world. Just think of all those dungeons, waiting for us to explore
from the start.

Exiles Cave is a place for young adventurers to get used to dungeon fighting--from
there they can move on to harder and more painful places.

If you are in the mood for a tricky troll hunt then head to Thestra.
Those pesky monsters are getting out of control; there will certainly
be a need for parties to head into the troll infested dungeon of Dargun's
Tomb and take out these knuckle-dragging predators.

Halflings itchy for a bit of revenge can head into their ancestral home
of Willowroot and take out their anger on the undead who drove them out.
This is a risky business though since the undead have started becoming
more active after ten years of relative quiet.

When you want to put a dent in your armor and spray a bit more blood
around, it might be time to go to Vol Tuniel. This is a level-thirty-plus
dungeon and one of the first ones the developers created.

Already we can see that the developers of Vanguard love their dungeons.
I am really excited about this; while normally I like to spend my time
above ground, sometimes I get the urge to die somewhere new. In a world
the size of Telon, the possibility of there being a dungeon just around
the corner is very exciting. Hopefully, they also take into account that
even getting into the dungeon can be an adventure. Sliding doors, pit
traps, bribes to corrupt the local guards and dodging smugglers can all
be the nasty things you have to make it through before dealing with the
nasty things in the dungeon.

Dungeons should never be left out of fantasy MMORPG. I am very happy
that Sigil appears to be taking the time to recognize what an important
and popular part of the fantasy world they are. And from the looks of
it, their dungeons really LOOK like dungeons-deep, dark, and deliciously

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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