I  have a stable of names that I carry into any MMO games that I play.  I'm an oldtimer though and sometimes I can't get the names that I want or love. It's in these times of despair that I turn to name generators.  The good news is that sometimes my favorite names have come from these very tools. 

Whether you are new to World of Warcraft or just want some help coming up with another moniker, these name generators are for you.  

Wizards of the Coast

The Wizards of the Coast name generator works really well for World of Warcraft. This great tool, but a company committed to fantasy gaming is well worth a visit.  My first attempt with this tool came up with Jamlamin Masterbludgeon.   That's a classic in anyone's books. 

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Fantasy Name Generator 

Arguably the largest and most robust name generator available, Fantasy Name Generator offers so many names that it is easy to get stuck looking for the next great thing.  There are over 150 categories to choose from ranging from Alien to Mad Scientist to Zombie names.   Name generation is instant which is absolutely amazing.  My first attempt gave me both Urban Mantis and Big Oak.   Love the last one.  

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Name Generator.org

This website looks like something that a budding HTML expert put together in 2001.   What it lacks in beauty it makes up for in pure functionality.   There are 23 categories to choose from, but you can choose as many or as few as you like at once.   It also offers a random seed to help mix up the names for you.  You can also put in a Human Name to base the name off of.   Pretty cool.  My first crack got me Glitterwalker and Holmerion.  It also returned Whitepus, so there's that. 

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You have to like a site with the following in the meta tag: Who draws the scythe from the stone, shall be Death.   Donjon gives you plenty of options to play with including male, female and town names.   My first shot at Dwarf names came up with Gili, Amin and Umul.  Not exactly names I'm going to run with, but not bad either. 

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Rinkworks gives you options not found in many other name generators. Short name, medium names, long names, consonent heavy names, vowel heavy names, Japanese names, Chinese names and even Dragon Rider names are but a few of the many options.  

My first crack at Rinkworks gave me Riar, Moral and Duk. I wouldn't use a single of them, but there are hundreds, if not thousands more to choose from. 

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Know a good name generator we haven't included? Let me know and I'll add it to the list. 


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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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