The next patch, 8.2, is on its way for World of Warcraft. While you wait, here's 3 things that keep most players busy as they await the update. 

Player vs Player

PvP has been in the game for a long time, but the majority of players rarely touch it. PvP can be a very different experience than other content, forcing you to outsmart and outplay opponents. There are a few forms of PvP, with one way to PvP being Battlegrounds. These instanced zones allow you and up to 39 other people to fight it out against up to 40 people. Typically, the smaller battlegrounds of 10-15 people are much more balanced than the large battlegrounds. You can queue for casual battlegrounds to have a fairly quick queue and join an uncoordinated mob as you attempt to beat the enemy team’s uncoordinated mob. If you are looking for something a little more coordinated, try rated battlegrounds. There are often “yolo” groups that take pretty much everyone. It is pretty close to the casual battlegrounds but as you gain CR you can start joining groups that are more focused on winning. These groups are usually very coordinated or at least try to be. If you are looking for something on the smaller scale then try some arenas. You can try either 2v2s or 3v3s, each with a slightly different playstyle. Arenas, like battlegrounds have a casual skirmish queue as well as rated arenas where groups try to coordinated their CC and damage to kill the enemy team. If you have never tried PvP like this, give it a shot. It might be more fun than you think.

Leveling a New Character

Through all the zones and quests available in the game it is very likely that you could not state every quest in every zone. Level a new character, exploring zones you rarely visit to level. With the new scaling of the world, you can practically level in any zone, allowing you to explore everywhere you have never leveled in before. You can also challenge yourself to level in a certain way whether it is to only use dungeons after level 15 or to avoid heirlooms. There are tons of ways to spice up the leveling experience and have a good time.

Transmog Hunting

Want a new look for your character? Look through the old tier sets or gear to find items that have a unique appearance. Interesting items can be found from all kinds of sources. Some from old raids or dungeons, which you may have to farm multiple times to see the piece you are looking for drop, and some from old quests which you may have to complete a chain to acquire. There is so much old content that there is very likely that there is some item you think looks cool and want for your character.

8.2 is not far off, but hopefully these gave you some options of how to spend your time while you wait for Tides of Vengeance.

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Last Updated: Jun 17, 2019

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