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Games are an integral part of all cultures and are one of the oldest forms of human social interaction. They are an expression of play which allows people to go beyond their imaginations and physical activities. Features of games include competition, uncertainty of the outcome, rules, place and time, chances, goals and pleasure. Games are important in the society as they are a societal cultural and social bonding means, teaching tools, and a maker of social status.

Polish people

What to know about them generally

The poles’ ethnicity, called and known as the Polish people are those from Poland. Polish people are known for their hospitality, they are most very ambitious, well-educated, hard-working and very intelligent.

Most of them have the general Slavic look. This means that they have features like light hair, paleness of the face, blue eyes, high cheekbone and sharp noses. Amongst the Slavs the Polish people have the lowest pigmentation.

In addition, Bigos stew is the national dish of Poland, it can be made with any kind of meat from pork to rabbit but should always have spicy Polish sausage.

Games Polish People Play

The Polish people celebrate their cultural traditions especially their games.

  • Kapela

Kapela is one of the traditional games, it is a folk game played in shepherding communities. It requires a pyramid shaped stack of stones, four to six balls, a hat and a way to make a circle eight meters in diameter on the ground. In this game, one person takes the role of a guardian task to protect the Kapela, this player would wear a hat, the other players would stand outside the circle and attempt to bring down the stones by throwing the balls.

If a player succeeds, he would run to get their ball and return to the outside of the circle. However, the guardian rushes to stack the stones again then throws the hat at the player to retrieve the ball. If the hat hits the oakyer before he leaves the circle, that player becomes the new guardian and the role continues.

  • Palant

Also there is the Palant which dates back to the Middle Ages and shares similarities with the American game of baseball. To play, you need two teams or seven players and no more than 15 players, a bat called a plant and a ball. The field play includes two zones labelled heaven and hell. The batting area is the heaven zone, while the field is the hell zone. Once a player hits the ball, they run from the heaven zone to a finish line in the hell zone then return to a safe base called nest in heaven zone.

  • Pierscieniowka

The Polish people also enjoy the game called Pierscieniowka. This game was invented in 1936 as a variation of volleyball. The game requires two teams of three to six players, a court of 18 meters by 9 meters, and a net dividing the court in two sides. Winning is determined when the ball of a team strikes the ground in its opponents ground in the other side of the court. Also, in this game a team member can only touch the ball three times before they must send it back to the opponents side of the court.

Online Games Polish People Like

Polish people are game people. Poland’s sport includes almost all sports particularly, volleyball, football, motorcycle speedway, ski jumping, track and field, basketball, boxing, fencing, rugby, field hockey, handball, ice hockey, swimming and weightlifting.

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Last Updated: Jul 23, 2020