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Alchemy Leveling Guide

Alchemy is one of the cheaper and easier to level up professions out there. Most potions good for leveling only require two herbs and a vial and herbs are generally very easy to obtain. You can get to 300 without the need of many drop recipes and can generally keep your costs down all the way to 375. Even past that it doesn't tent to get expensive until right near the end of the Cataclysm range of skill points from 500 to 525.

This guide details step by step the fastest and cheapest way to get Alchemy to a skill level of 525. Unlike other guides, we’re not going to list a shopping list, since you won’t always gain a skill gain on a yellow. However, if you’re looking for shopping for a particular item go ahead and guess how many you’ll need to make (say 10) then add 5 more for failures then times that by what’s required to create it. So for instance, a 60 Minor Healing Potions would need 65 Silverleaf, 65 Peacebloom, and 60 Crystal Vials to get you to a skill level of sixty.

If speed is a primary concern then you may want to buy your materials off the Auction House. Be warned though, it’s very expensive and it is much better to just get the herbs yourself. However, if you’ve got the money to spare then it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Table of Contents

Skill Item Name Reasoning

Apprentice Alchemist

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Minor Healing Potion

1x Silverleaf
1x Peacebloom
1x Crystal Vial

The cheapest possible potion to make with the easiest/cheapest to obtain items. There is no reason not to take advantage of this.

Important, SAVE all of these. Seriously! You'll be using them again shortly.


Lesser Healing Potion

1x Minor Healing Potion
1x Briarthorn
1x Crystal Vial

Create fifteen of these then train for Journeyman Alchemy.

Journeyman Alchemist

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Lesser Healing Potion

1x Minor Healing Potion
1x Briarthorn
1x Crystal Vial

After you train to become a Journeyman Alchemist you need to continue making these as you already have the Minor Healing Potion from before, so it's pretty efficent.

You may want to put them on the Auction House, lowbies in the BGs like them for their cheapness.


Elixir of Wisdom

1x Mageroyal
2x Briarthorn
1x Crystal Vial

You may not need to do this, you may get lucky with your Lesser Healing Potions and not need to use this. Don't try to force it though, these should be Orange and give you a point on each creation.

Healing Potion

1x Briarthorn
1x Bruiseweed
1x Crystal Vial

This will take you all the way to expert and these also sell kind of well on the Auction House for lowbies in the bg. When finished, train to become an Expert Alchemist.

Expert Alchemist

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Strong Troll's Blood

2x Briarthron
2x Bruiseweed
1x Crystal Vial

Not that cost effective, but patches you up until 155 when you can make Greater Healing Potions.

Greater Healing Potion

1x Kingsblood
1x Liferoot
1x Crystal Vial

Once again healing potions reign supreme.

Elixir of Greater Defense

1x Wild Steelbloom
1x Goldthorn
1x Crystal Vial

When you reach 225 you'll need to train to become an Artisan Alchemist. You'll keep making these after a little while. Their need of only two herbs, like healing potions, make it a supreme choice.

Artisan Alchemist

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Elixir of Greater Defense

1x Wild Steelbloom
1x Goldthorn
1x Crystal Vial

Continued from earlier.

Elixier of Detect Undead

1x Arthas' Tears
1x Crystal Vial

Sadly, these don't sell that well unlike healing potions. However, it only requires ONE herb! One! Arthas' Tears aren't that rare either, bonus.

Superior Mana Potion

2x Sungrass
2x Blindweed
1x Crystal Vial

These kinda sell, but mana potions have never been that big. Anyway, pretty decent cost for the amount of points you get.

Major Healing Potions

2x Golden Sansam
1x Mountain Silversage
1x Crystal Vial

Cheap for the 10 points you need. Both this and the previous Major Mana Potion come from recipes or can just be bought from the trainer in Outland. At 300 head to Outland.

Master Alchemist

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Major Mana Potion

3x Dreamfoil
2x Icecap
1x Crystal Vail

Expensive, but useful for our purposes.

Elixir of Major Strength

1x Mountain Silversage
1x Felweed
1x Crystal Vial

You just need to get to 315, or Volatile Healing Potions. Golden Sansam is GENERALLY cheaper then Mountain Silversage due to how common Golden Sansam is.

Volatile Healing Potion

1x Felweed
1x Golden Sansam
1x Crystal Vial

Super cheap and will get you 15 points.

Super Healing Potion

2x Dreaming Glory
1x Felweed
1x Crystal Vial

The last cheap potion you'll find off your trainer. Enjoy these ten points as it'll be the last of the cost effective leveling.

Super Mana Potion

2x Netherbloom
1x Felweed
1x Crystal Vial

This recipe is on three vendors that have a slow respawn time. One vendor is in Blade's Edge Mountains and the other two are in the Horde/Alliance Zangarmarsh towns. If you can get it, pretty cheap points.

Honestly, if you get the recipe, I'd take it all the way to 370 when it turns grey.



(Optional - This is the old method but still possible)

The cheapest way to get 375 used to be to just transmute your way there. At 364 the Alchemist's Stone is still Orange, so there is a free point there. Since transmutes do you have a HIGH recool time you can make other potions, like at 360 the Fel Mana Potion but it's a drop. Really, most good recipes past 350 are just drops or cooldown vendors.

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Grand Master Alchemist

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Resurgent Healing Potion

2x Goldclover
1x Crystal Vial

Healing potions are always useable.

Icy Mana Potion

2x Talandra's Rose
1x Crystal Vial

Again, mana potions just like healing potions are always usable or sellable.

Spellpower Elixir

1x GoldClover
1x Tiger Lily
1x Crystal Vial

Great for casters while leveling.

Pygmy Oil

1x Pygmy Suckerfish

Time to go fishing.

Potion of Nightmares

1x Goldclover
2x Talandra's Rose
1x Crystal Vial

A quick way to get some health and mana back, use with caution though!

Elixir of Mighty Strength

2x Tiger Lily
1x Crystal Vial

You will need to make more than 10 for sure, count on at least 12-15 as it turns yellow at 390.

Elixir of Mighty Agility

2x Goldclover
2x Adder's Tongue
1x Crystal Vial


Indestructable Potion

2x Icethorn
1x Crystal Vial

The cheapest potion to make, but not very usable at all. Just chuck them after creating them.

Runic Mana Potion

1x Goldclover
2x Lichbloom
1x Crystal Vial

Will be yellow and green form most of this time, count on making around 25 to get your 10 points, still cheaper than anything else though, and usable for any caster.
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Illustrious Alchemist

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Draught of War

1x Cinderbloom
1x Crystal Vial

Very cheap and easy to make and useful in battlegrounds so easy to sell. Plan on making around 30 to get the 25 points needed.

Ghost Elixir

2x Cinderbloom
1x Crystal Vial

Cheap and easy to make

Deathblood Venom

1x Stormvine
1x Crystal Vial

Simple to make

5 Volcanic Potions

1x Azshara's Veil
1x Cinderbloom
1x Crystal Vial


Elixir of the Cobra

1x Azshara's Veil
1x Cinderbloom
1x Crystal Vial

A decent elixir that will sell on the auction house if you don't need it.

Deepstone Oil

1x Albino Cavefish
1x Crystal Vial

Time to get fishing!


Elixir of Deep Earth

2x Heartblossom
1x Crystal Vial

The cheapest way to level for these points.


Elixir of Impossible Accuracy

1x Cinderbloom
1x Heartblossom
1x Crystal Vial

Desirable for DPS that are just starting to do end game instances and need some extra hit fast.


Golemblood Potions

1x Heartblossom
1x Volatile Life
1x Crystal Vial

The first potion to use Volatile elements.


Elixir of the Master

1x Heartblossom
1x Twilight Jasmine
1x Crystal Vial

STOP at 504 or you will cost yourself more materials!


Flask of Enhancement

8x Twilight Jasmine
8x Stormvine
8x Azshara's Veil
8x Whiptail
8x Cinderbloom
1x Crystal Vial

5 points for one flask, even though it is expensive to make it is the cheapest way.


Epic Alchemy Trinket


Craft your epic trinket now for a quick 5 points.


Transmute: Ember Topaz

3x Hessonite
3x Cinderbloom



Transmute: Demonseye

3x Nightstone
3x Twilight Jasmine


Transmute: Ocean Sapphire

3x Zephyrite
3x Azshara's Veil

You need to make 5 of these, craft whichever you have the mats for or whichever you can buy the mats for the cheapest.


Transmute: Amberjewel

3x Alicite
3x Whiptail

Hurray, you are now at 525, go and make some money back with all your Alchemy abilities!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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