Alganon has certainly seen its share of ups and downs. With a rocky launch and the legal battle that ensued, the future of the game was uncertain, but Quest Online has managed to pull off a second launch of the game and even took the game to a subscription free model. However, Quest Online has decided to make the full free-to-play switch for Alganon. Starting on Friday, August 13th, 2010 players can log in and play Alganon for free.

The switch comes with a few changes as free players will only have access to 4 character slots, a level cap of 30, an ability cap of 40, and a quest limit of 10. However, free players will have the option to buy additional features that are available to those that purchased the Alganon client on the Tribute Market.

The new Alganon Free-To-Play business model removes the final barrier of entry to this epic and fun fantasy based MMO game. Starting on Friday August 13th 2010, gamers who don't already own Alganon will be able to download it from and play for free. 

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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