IGG's Angel's Online is taking an unusual step in fighting the natural accumulation of "stuff" in a Free to Play MMO game worlds. What are they planning to do? Why recycle it of course! Players can create stalls to dump their lower level crap in and a GM will happily come along and purchase it for a pre-announced price. Where could you find a more interesting deal?

Welcome to the beautiful Eden. Are you anxious because you are not powerful enough to defeat those strong bosses and can't win superior equipment? Are you depressed because you own a full bag of equipments but nothing is useful for you? Come on! It's time for cheer! Michael, the leader of the Angel Lyceum, would like to help little Angels. He will send someone to the Angel Lyceum and exchange Angel Coins for players' useless equipments. Hurry up! Abundant Angel Coins await you!

Get the event times and sale amounts over at IGG's official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016