Have you ever wondered what your in-game avatar would look like in the real world? Realtime Worlds wants to find out and they have put together a new experiment with their new persistent online multiplayer action game APB (All Points Bulletin) that will blur the line that separates fantasy from reality. In what's being dubbed as "The Human Avatar", players will get the opportunity to morph an otherwise average Joe into a living representation of an APB avatar.

The experiment began on July 5th with a new website that will allow the public to help shape a selected individual's appearance and chronicle the changes as each phase is complete. The first stage is now underway and will allow the community to select the identity of the avatar. There are two choices for the community to vote on and once one has been selected, he will undergo a very real transformation that will include a new hairstyle, tattoos, piercings and the inevitable transformation from normal guy into an APB persona.

The transformation process will take place over the next three weeks. Short films will be released periodically to show each stage of the transformation and photos of the live reactions to each phase to be released on Twitter. So there won't be any fake stuff. This poor guy is getting the works.

Throughout the weeks to follow, members of the public will be responsible for shaping the subject’s appearance, starting with the hairstyle and subsequently where they are pierced, where they are tattooed and finally what clothes they wear. No faking. The Human Avatar will be a real person undergoing a very real transformation.

The final stage of the transformation will put our newly mutilated test subject at the mercy of the APB artists, where he will be rendered into a game character and left to his fate on the streets of San Paro, where he will undoubtedly be taunted, shot, stabbed, run down by a vehicle and likely blown up as a reward.

What are you waiting for? Head over to The Human Avatar website and help determine how best to mutilate this poor guy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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