What could Reloaded Production add to APB: Reloaded to help give players a little something extra to do once all that grinding is done? Endgame content of course! So what are the new APB: Reloaded devs doing to add in more meaningful content for later stages of the game? The latest APB: Reloaded blog attempts to briefly touch on this aspect and the upcoming beta. While the content won't be included in the game's initial beta phase, the devs are working on giving higher level players "something to sink their teeth into" after they've finished with the grind. There's not a lot of detail as to what exactly the devs have in mind, but the blog did note that they will be revealing more about what they're working on at a later date.

To set Beta expectations correctly; we are indeed long term working on "Purposeful End-Game PvP." However, this modificaiton is not likely to make it in to the first beta (and in fact is one of the hardest and most complicated modificaitons we can make to the game). So in addition to the many balance fixes, one of the real goals with the game long-term is to turn it in to a platform for many different unique experiences. As such, high level players need something to sink their teeth into after having done all the initial grinding.

The blog also clarifies some of the customization talk from last week's blog, which stated that players of the old APB game would be able to reclaim all of their old customizations once APB: Reloaded launches, even if those customizations were to fall under the requirement of a premium account's content. Additionally, the APB: Reloaded website has gotten a little bit of a facelift. You can read all the latest information via the APB: Reloaded blog.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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