Are There Any Casino Games For WoW Fans?


Ever since Blizzard Entertainment released World of Warcraft in 2004, it has been one of the most successful and played MMORPGs in the world. No matter if you spend your free time playing the best mobile pokies approved by ALDC, reading books, or watching sports, you must have heard of WoW. The gameplay unfolds in the world of Azeroth, a fantasy world filled with magical creatures. At the beginning of the game, the players choose their race and class. When choosing their race the players opt between Alliance (humans, night elves, drained, dwarves, and gnomes) and Horde (trolls, blood elves, tauren, orcs, and forsaken). Afterward, they should choose their class (shaman, warlock, druid, paladin, hunter, mage, priest, and warrior). Players complete different quests and gain more XP, and in this way upgrade their character over time.


The massive interest in these types of games was also recognized by the gambling industry. So now fans of video games can also enjoy amazing welcome bonuses for slots that are themed after their favorite game. This means that people who enjoy spending time at Rocket casino can also learn something about the gaming culture, but also that gaming fans have a wider selection of games they can play online. Even though there are many new releases when it comes to the video game themed slots, there isn’t an official WoW slot for now. This doesn’t mean we can predict what this game will look like and what would it include.

About World of Warcraft Slots

Even though there isn’t any official news about WoW slots being live, fans across the globe are hoping to see one soon. However, there are a few video game themed slots that have proven to be quite successful in 2020:


  • Big Foot
  • Worms
  • Shogun Showdown
  • Atari Pong
  • Space Invaders


Based on the list of the top slots to try, we can expect that one day, the World of Warcraft slot should have at least 50 winning lines and a high RTP in order to keep the fans coming back. With a minimum of 5 reels, the game should include all the famous WoW items and characters. It’s expected that the min/max bet will follow the examples of the most famous online slots.

WoW Slot Bonuses

No one expects any less than the best from World of Warcraft. The same goes for future bonuses and promotions. Every player expects amazing promotions from new slots games. WoW fans should also be able to enjoy a lot of free spins and welcome bonuses after the WoW slot goes live.

Which Symbols Will WoW Slot Have?

This part is obvious. Besides having all that you can possibly expect in Azeroth, future WoW slots should include items, collectibles, and characters from different races and classes as their symbols.

Top Devices For Playing WoW Slots

No matter which company Blizzard Entertainment chooses for developing the WoW slots, it goes without saying that they will most likely try to cover as many devices as they can. This includes the latest models of smartphones and tablets that are supported by Android or iOS.

Are There Any Similar Slots Available Now?

While we wait for the official WoW slot to go live, we can enjoy other fantasy world slots that are available for both mobile and PC play. Here are some of them:


  • Dragon’s Myth
  • Warlords: Crystals of Power
  • Nordic Heroes
  • Age of Gods

To Sum Up

Although we are yet to hear news about WoW slots being available to fans worldwide, it goes without saying that the interest would be huge for this game. While eager fans are waiting for that day to come, they can make predictions about the future, and enjoy the available fantasy casino games in the meantime.

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Last Updated: Jan 11, 2021