When it comes to tank-simulation and war-games based heavily on tank vs. tank combat, World of Tanks and Armored Warfare are the cream of the crop for multiplayer-based online war gaming. Both games have a remarkable amount of polish, and both games set the near unreachably high for other would-be tank warfare games.

Armored Warfare vs. World of Tanks

If you've been curious about how these two separate games relate to one another and what differences/similarities that they both have - you've come to the right place.

As much as I would love to offer you a massive wall of text discussing, debating, and illustrating those similarities and differences; I think we'd all be better off if I just left the explaining to a real expert:

The Mighty Jingles

Jingles is the name of a prominent YouTube content creator, and is well respected among the tank-combat and online war gaming community. I've taken the liberty of inserting his informative (if not exhaustive) video detailing the nuances that separate AW and WoT - and also showing what the two games have in common. And just to keep things super simple and streamlined, I'll drop a short list of highlights and topics that the video covers below:

  • User Interface elements
  • The basics of gameplay, shooting
  • Types of armor
  • Types of ammunition
  • Classes of vehicles

All things considered, it's a great little watch, whether you're a AW/WoT veteran, or just a new player looking for a few tips. Hope you enjoy the content, and be sure to stop by The Mighty Jingles YouTube channel and give him some love.

"How to Not Suck" (an Armored Warfare guide by The Mighty Jingles)

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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