A brand new system to this ever expanding game.

As Asheron's Call quickly approaches it's 100th live content update (wow 100!), the developers will be introducing societies. While there are some societies already in the game, those were mainly cosmetic - they didn't affect the game or gameplay in the least. These new societies will be a serious choice though, and directly and indirectly affect many aspects of the game.

There will be three Societies to choose from, The Radiant Blood, The Celestial Hand, and The Eldrytch Web. Each Society has its own ideals and beliefs as to what should happen on Dereth and beyond. Players will be given the chance to discover the principles of each Society and choose which group they want to join. But choose wisely, because changing Societies will not be something easily done. There are penalties for those who are not loyal.

For more information on societies, please check the Asheron's Call main site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016