We reported back in May that Nexon had acquired a majority stake in Korean developer Ndoors.

Not much seems to have changed since then, but Nexon recently decided to make at least one change, and Atlantica Online players got the news this week that their game will soon be joining the Nexon lineup. Starting on November 1st, 2010, the English version of Atlantica Online will migrate over to Nexon along with the current development team.

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Atlantica Online finds a new home with Nexon.

There is exciting news in the works! On Monday, November 1, Atlantica Online [English Version] will officially join the Nexon America team. Worry not though, since this will not change anything from our playersÂ’ game experience. The North American Atlantica Online team will be joining Nexon to continue supporting our community and developing the game.

What does this mean for Atlantica Online players? Not much actually. You'll continue logging into the Atlantica Online site just like normal. The only real notable difference is a new Terms of Agreement with the switch. Players will still use Gcoins, so your currency won't be changing to NX Cash. A brief Q&A FAQ has been posted with a few additional details, but for the most part it looks like it will just be business as usual.

Thanks to CaptRex for the tip.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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