Its been a long time since I played Overwatch. A selection of games that drew my attention pulled me away from it, and the slowness of Blizzard to deliver new content (notably Heroes and maps) saw the meta grow stale fairly quickly after launch. After such a long break, it's good to not only see a significant amount of new maps, but also new Heroes. What made me come back to Overwatch? Honestly, I'm not sure. Am I enjoy it? Sort of.

There are two things that always pissed me off about Overwatch: player insistence on one-tricking, and players failing to adapt a draft when faced with a composition they can't break down. Unfortunately for the game, these issues still persist, and it's all too common to encounter a Genji who's useless and who won't switch, or an entire draft who - despite being completely unable to break a deadlock - insist on sticking with the existing Heroes. It's a problem that doesn't really have a solution, and while it's arguably better at higher level play, remains an a pain in the arse. 

I find that surprising considering Overwatch not only presents you with a vast array of Heroes, but also those with clearly defined kits and roles. Against shields? Grab Junkrat. Need mitigation from range? Pickup Reinhardt. Want area denial and pressure? Grab Hammond. It's clear that even after all this time, the basics of drafting - and the need to draft - eludes most players. Either that, or they simply don't care about the draft; they just want to play their Hero in a competitive setting. 

This issue alone is enough to frustrate, and what makes matters worse is the fact that when you do make valid suggestions (such as swapping from Genji to Junkrat when against a shield heavy, bunker composition), you often end up on the receiving end of horrendous abuse. Unfortunately, there's also further niggles that do muddy the experience even more, such as suffering a loss in Ranked when someone goes AFK or leaves, when you get kicked and can't rejoin, or even the stupid Endoresement system that offers absolutely nothing. 

Those issues aside, Overwatch is still great when your team works together and participates in fun voice chat. I wouldn't consider that any Heroes are overtuned, and most of the new maps are fantastic. That said, it seems like the competitive side of Overwatch really is struggling. The GOAT meta looks like it's here to stay, and I'm not entirely sure what Blizzard can do to address it. 

While I've no doubt that I'll move back to The Division 2 in a couple of days, it's filling a hole I didn't think was there. Are you still playing Overwatch and if not, why not?

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Last Updated: May 13, 2019

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Lewis is a long standing journalist, who freelances to a variety of outlets.