Warhammer is a very diverse world for players. Building armies with
different themes has always been the real draw of the game. Warhammer
Online took one of those armies and turned it into a free expansion for
the game that will have players running, fighting, and playing in the
end game for a long time to come. The Tomb Kings expansion for Land of
the Dead brings the Egyptian themes from Warhammer to life in the
online world. Players will be battling mummies, skeletons, scarabs,
sands, and huge statues of enemies, but the fun part is they will be
battling each other as well.

For players of Dark Age of Camelot, The Land of the Dead rivals the
legendary MMO dungeon Darkness Falls. In DAOC the three player factions
fought for control of the dungeon and once you had it, you could go in.
Doesn’t sound like much, but it was the single best place to
power level other players in the game. So your faction benefited from
holding on to the dungeon as long as it could. Another fun element,
once one side took control from another the characters could storm into
the dungeon and clear out their foes in a huge PvP battle. Tomb Kings
hopes to recapture the constant war that was Darkness Falls and give
players some new options for W.A.R.’s end game.

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Skeletons wander the Necropolis

Gabe Amatangelo and Jeff Skalski gave us the Tomb Kings presentation at
Games Day, look for their video on the site this week. They talked
about all the things players would need to get to the Land of the Dead
as well as fight their way through trapped dungeons and skeletons. The
guys both said that they wanted a console game feel to the whole
expansion. Remember playing all those Indiana Jones games? Well, your
Orcs and High Elves will need to take a few pages from Indy’s
book to survive.

Players will have to fight and gather resources so that their realm can
afford an expedition to the Land of the Dead. This is done through RvR;
the first side to get enough resources can gain control of the Land and
start sending their players down to check out the new zone. The Order
and Destruction forces fly down in great air ships to explore the
sands. If you are concerned your side will never have enough resources,
do not worry, the losing side gets to keep the resources they have for
the next round, so they have a strong advantage. The expedition will
open up flight paths for players and allow them to get to the new zones

Once inside the Land of the Dead you will see the Warhammer Tomb King
miniatures jump right off the screen. Skeletons and mummies are
everywhere making your like miserable. W.A.R. makes great use of its
Public Quest system to keep players active as soon as they arrive.
Completing PQs will give players hieroglyph symbols that they can use
to enter Lairs. The Lairs are toned down boss fights for players to
gain loot and solve some serious jumping puzzles, think Zelda. Some of
thePQs we saw had players collecting jars in the Asp Temple. Or trying
to stop the construction of a bone giant, you can imagine the boss
fight on that one. Gabe and Jeff assured us that the entire zone is
solo friendly until you get into the Lairs and Tomb of the Vulture Lord
Dungeon, then you may want some friends with you.

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Stealing the Bone Giant's Treasure.

We got the chance to check out the Tomb of the Vulture Lord dungeon a
bit and see what players will be up against. Locust Swarms, traps,
seven PQs, eight bosses, and all the treasure you can grab before you
reach the end. The cool part is opposing players can follow you into
the dungeon. Once you are through a trap though, you can go back and
turn the trap on to slow them down and hopefully kill them in the
process. This gives players loads of ways to set up their enemies.
Also, if you log out in the dungeon and you log back into it later, you
remain there even if the enemy has taken control. This rule applies all
over the zone and can really bring surprises to the battles.

On the RvR front, players will be able to fight each other over the
zone once it changes hands. There will be rewards and titles for
attacks and defense as normal in Warhammer. Players can also sack enemy
camps, destroy enemy air ships and create total chaos on the sands.

Gabe and Jeff explained that the Tomb of the Vulture Lord and the Lairs
will be for tier four characters. However, Necropolis itself can be
entered at level twenty five and used as a great place to power level
your character. For Warhammer fans all of the Tomb Kings characters are
there. Bone Giants, Liches, Mummies, and even the deadly Ashabi. So get
your leveling in quickly you do not want to miss this edition to
Warhammer Online’s end game. The Land of the Dead will be
exactly that for many players, expect the expansion sometime in

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016